A CSS Specification by the CSS Rates and Velocities Community Group
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The goal of this specification is to define methods to write rates of change into a webpage. I am aware that there exist a couple of methods currently defined by the W3C that define similar functionality,
but they implement interim states between static values instead of inherent change.  I think that a better specification can be written to define movement and change within the markup and stylesheets.
My goals for the specification are:
1. To define as little new behavior as possible. Any advice or specifications resulting from this group will conform as closely as possible to CSS’s syntax.
2. To create as intuitive a specification as possible. Any method defined by the group should be easily understood by a developer new to CSS. It should not be overly complicated.
3. To require minimal scripting. While code can be used to create animation and change, minimal scripting generally results in shorter, simpler and more readable markup.
4. To allow granular control. Rates should be able to be controlled and changed when the author requires.
As well, part of the group’s goals are to complete a specification, and it will therefore require people to write one. Does anyone wish to volunteer as a specification author?
Thanks for your interest in the CSS Rates and Velocities Community Group, and I encourage your participation and discussion within it.

-Ariel Jacobs