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Siyazana is an isiZulu word that means we know each other or we are connected. This website has been designed to provide users with a tool to investigate the connections that exist between the private and public spheres in South Africa. Accessible at
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Note: This repository will eventually need to be renamed, as it currently holds a as-yet-unnamed joint project between ANCIR and the Institute for Security Studies. The project will serve as a prototype for connectedAFRICA infrastructure in the longer term.

This project maps out connections between politically exposed persons, business and other organisations in South Africa.

This package works in combination with a running instance of grano, a toolkit for journalistic influence mapping. Based on that API, this package provides ETL/loading scripts and a Flask-based frontend.


As a developer, set up a local virtual environment (using virtualenv) and clone the connectedafrica package from GitHub:

git clone 
cd connectedAFRICA
virtualenv pyenv
source pyenv/bin/activate
python develop

After that, you need to set up a configuration file, e.g. to hold the configuration for the front-end.

Credits and License

connectedAFRICA is licensed under the terms of an MIT open source license. The project is developed with support from these organisations:

Noun Project

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