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# Grano User Interface

[grano]( is a toolkit for building journalistic social network analysis applications on the web. This package contains an administrative user interface based on [AngularJS]( The interface is intended for managing entities and analysis for advanced users, not as a general-purpose interface.

## Installation

grano-ui requires that you have installed and configured [grano]( Please refer to [grano's documentation]( for further instructions. You'll also need to install these external (non-Python dependencies):

To install the package from GitHub, you need to follow these steps from within the virtual environment in which grano has been installed:

`bash git clone cd [grano dir] virtualenv env source env/bin/activate cd [grano-ui dir] python develop bower install (in docker, use --allow-root or su app -c "bower install") `

After installing the package, you will still need to enable this plugin. Add the entry ui to the PLUGINS variable in your grano settings file. If you have no other plugins installed, try this:

`python PLUGINS = ['ui'] `

## Configuration

By default, grano-ui will deploy itself to the web root of grano when it has been activated as a plugin. You can change that path by setting a UI_PREFIX, starting with a forward slash.

`python UI_PREFIX = '/grano' `

Further, asset compilation and minification can be enabled by setting the ASSETS_DEBUG variable to False.


AngularJS-based user interface for grano, a social network analysis tool for journalists.




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