Compositional reasoning framework for the Coq proof assistant
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FreeSpec is a framework for the Coq proof assistant to modularly verify programs with effects and effect handlers. It relies on the Program monad as defined in the operational package of Haskell, and uses so-called abstract specifications to specify, for each effect, expected properties for the effect result, independently of any underlying effect handler.

FreeSpec formalism has been described in depth in an academic paper published at the Formal Methods 2018 conference.


This repository is organized as follows:

  • core/: the core framework that notably introduces Program, Semantics and Specification.
  • exec/: an extension to FreeSpec that adds a new command to Coq, Exec, to execute Program instances (only certain interfaces shall be supported).
  • experiment/: a collection of experiments whose future (and potential integration inside the core framework) remains uncertain.
  • examples/: a collection of examples which leverages FreeSpec and its extensions

Getting Started

This repository relies on coq-prelude, an “opinionated Prelude for Coq inspired by Haskell”. In particular, coq-prelude provides the Monad-related definitions. Eventually, we will submit a Pull Request to the Coq OPAM Repository to add coq-prelude. Right now, you need to install this library from source (see the appropriate README for installation notes).


FreeSpec is being developed and tested with the latest Coq release only. We make no promise regarding older versions.

# from the root of this repository
cd core/
make install # regarding your setup, you may need to use `sudo` here


The plugin does not require any particular dependency to work, except the Coq proof assistant itself. Basically, if you already have a working Coq development environment, you should be good to go.

# from the root of this repository
cd exec
make install # root privileges might be required if you do not use `opam'

To load the plugin, use Require Import FreeSpec.Exec.Plugin. The supported interfaces (only Console.i) will be made accessible in FreeSpec.Exec.Interfaces.


Once the framework and its extensions has been correctly installed, you can have a look at the example files provided in this repository. They should compile just fine.

# from the root of this repository
cd examples/
# and for trying the exec plugin
coqc hello.v