RDP Bitmap Cache parser
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LICENCE.txt Initial release. Jun 27, 2016
README.md Added extra aggregated bitmap/collage output. Apr 30, 2018
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RDP Bitmap Cache parser.


bmc-tools processes bcache*.bmc and cache????.bin files found inside Windows user profiles.


./bmc-tools.py [-h] -s SRC -d DEST [-c COUNT] [-v] [-o] [-b] [-w WIDTH]

With the following arguments meaning:

  -h, --help              show this help message and exit
  -s SRC, --src SRC       Specify the BMCache file or directory to process.
  -d DEST, --dest DEST    Specify the directory where to store the extracted bitmaps.
  -c COUNT, --count COUNT Only extract the given number of bitmaps.
  -v, --verbose           Determine the amount of information displayed.
  -o, --old               Extract the old bitmap data found in the BMCache file.
  -b, --bitmap            Provide a collage bitmap aggregating all the tiles.
  -w WIDTH, --width WIDTH Specify the number of tiles per line of the aggregated bitmap (default=64).


30/04/2018		1.03	Added extra aggregated bitmap/collage output.
22/04/2018		1.02	Added support for (old?) bcache23.bmc files.
25/11/2016		1.01	Compressed data handling improved.
25/11/2016		1.00c	Unused variable removed.
10/08/2016		1.00b	--dest parameter processing fixed.
01/07/2016		1.00a	cacheXXXX.bin header detection fixed.
27/06/2016		1.00	Initial release.