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Caml Crush: an OCaml PKCS#11 filtering proxy
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Caml Crush

Caml-Crush is an OCaml PKCS#11 filtering proxy that has been presented at CARDIS 2014. The corresponding extended article can be found here. The main purpose of the Caml-Crush project is to provide a dynamic protection of the cryptographic tokens against known PKCS#11 API weaknesses using a flexible and extensible filtering rules engine.

Ongoing support

Caml-Crush has been originally developed at ANSSI, but new releases are not provided by the agency anymore. Active developers took the project in charge.

Therefore, anyone who wishes to get upstream versions of the project must visit as this page now only serves archive purposes.

Project archives

ANSSI is providing all the previous stables versions of Caml Crush as archives on this website.

The following historic stable versions are available here: