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C++ core supporting ANTsR.
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ANTsR Instagram

ants edie


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A package providing core features for ANTsR.


Version: 0.0

License: Apache License (>=2.0)

Depends: R (≥ 3.0), methods

Imports: Rcpp, tools

LinkingTo: Rcpp, ITKR

Author: Brian B. Avants, Benjamin M. Kandel, Jeff T. Duda, Philip A. Cook, Nicholas J. Tustison

Maintainer: Brian B. Avants

URL: homepage

BugReports: github issues

NeedsCompilation: yes

Travis checks: ANTsRCore results


Install the binary, after downloading, via command line:


to tag

git tag -d latest
git push origin :refs/tags/latest
git tag latest
git push  --tags origin


First attempt release.

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