Medical image analysis framework merging ANTsR and deep learning
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A collection of deep learning architectures ported to the R language and tools for basic medical image processing.

Examples available at ANTsRNetExamples.

Documentation page


Image voxelwise segmentation/regression

Image classification/regression

Object detection

Image super-resolution

Registration and transforms


  • ANTsRNet Installation:
    • Option 1:
      $ R
      > devtools::install_github( "ANTsX/ANTsRNet" )
    • Option 2:
      $ git clone


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  • Andrew T. Grainger, Nicholas J. Tustison, Kun Qing, Rene Roy, Stuart S. Berr, and Weibin Shi. Deep learning-based quantification of abdominal fat on magnetic resonance images. PLoS One, 13(9):e0204071, Sep 2018. (pubmed)

  • Cullen N.C., Avants B.B. (2018) Convolutional Neural Networks for Rapid and Simultaneous Brain Extraction and Tissue Segmentation. In: Spalletta G., Piras F., Gili T. (eds) Brain Morphometry. Neuromethods, vol 136. Humana Press, New York, NY doi