Ansible role for MySQL
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ANXS - MySQL Build Status

Ansible role that installs MySQL on (for now) Ubuntu variants. Features include:

  • Installation of MySQL and it's dependencies
  • Basic configuration
  • Standard hardening (root password, removal of test databases)
  • Add databases
  • Add users
  • Setup of monit process supervision

Requirements & Dependencies

  • Tested on Ansible 1.4 or higher.
  • ANXS.monit if you want monit protection (in that case, you should set monit_protection: true)


# Basic settings
mysql_port: 3306                        # The port on which mysql listens
mysql_bind_address: ''           # The address the mysql server binds on
mysql_root_password: ''                 # The new root password
mysql_default_root_password: ''         # The root password
mysql_ppa: ''                           # Install MySQL from PPA repository
mysql_apt_key: ''

# Fine Tuning
mysql_key_buffer: '16M'
mysql_max_allowed_packet: '128M'
mysql_thread_stack: '192K'
mysql_cache_size: 8
mysql_myisam_recover: 'BACKUP'
mysql_max_connections: 100
mysql_table_cache: 64
mysql_thread_concurrency: 10
mysql_query_cache_limit: '1M'
mysql_query_cache_size: '16M'
mysql_character_set_server: 'utf8'
mysql_collation_server: 'utf8_general_ci'
mysql_mysqldump_max_allowed_packet: '128M'
mysql_isamchk_key_buffer: '16M'

# InnoDB tuning
mysql_innodb_file_per_table: 'innodb_file_per_table'
mysql_innodb_flush_method: 'fdatasync'
mysql_innodb_buffer_pool_size: '128M'
mysql_innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit: 1
mysql_innodb_lock_wait_timeout: 50
mysql_innodb_log_buffer_size: '1M'
mysql_innodb_log_file_size: '5M'

# List of databases to be created (optional)
  - name: foobar
    collation: "utf8_general_ci"        # optional, defaults to "utf8_general_ci"
    encoding: "utf8"                    # optional, defaults to "utf8"

# List of users to be created (optional)
  - name: baz
    pass: pass
    priv: "*.*:ALL"                     # optional, defaults to "*.*:ALL"
    host: "%"                           # optional, defaults to "localhost"

# GLOBAL Setting
monit_protection: false                 # true or false, requires ANXS.monit

# List of apt packages to install
  - mysql-server
  - mysql-client
  - python-mysqldb

Setting/Updating the root Password

If You would like to change your mysql root password using this role, ensure you use the following variables in your play:

mysql_default_root_password: <Your current root password>
mysql_root_password: <Your new root password>


This project comes with a VagrantFile, this is a fast and easy way to test changes to the role, fire it up with vagrant up, provision the box with either:

vagrant provision

This also happens automatically after the first vagrant up, or:

ansible-playbook test.yml -i vagrant-inventory --sudo

This is the ansible way, and will easily allow command line arguments like --tags and -e

See vagrant docs for getting setup with vagrant


Licensed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for details.

Feedback, bug-reports, requests, ...

Are welcome!