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simplified robot description of the ANYmal B quadrupedal robot
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ANYmal B Robot Description (URDF)


This package contains a simplified robot description (URDF) of the ANYmal B quadrupedal robot developed by ANYbotics.

The extended ANYmal B robot description, simulation, and control software is available exclusively to members of the ANYmal Research community. For more information and membership applications, contact

Author & Maintainer: Linus Isler, ANYbotics

ANYmal B Robot Description


This software is released under a BSD 3-Clause license.


If you use this work in an academic context, please cite the following publications:

M. Hutter, C. Gehring, A. Lauber, F. Gunther, C. D. Bellicoso, V. Tsounis, P. Fankhauser, R. Diethelm, S. Bachmann, M. Bloesch, H. Kolvenbach, M. Bjelonic, L. Isler and K. Meyer "ANYmal - toward legged robots for harsh environments“, in Advanced Robotics, 31.17, 2017. (DOI)

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ANYbotics, "ANYmal – Autonomous Legged Robot“, (accessed: 01.01.2019)

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Load the ANYmal description to the ROS parameter server:

roslaunch anymal_b_simple_description load.launch

To visualize and debug the robot description, start the standalone visualization (note that you have to provide the following additional dependencies: joint_state_publisher, robot_state_publisher, rviz):

roslaunch anymal_b_simple_description standalone.launch

Launch files

  • load.launch: Loads the URDF to the parameter server. Meant to be included in higher level launch files.

  • standalone.launch: A standalone launch file that starts RViz and a joint state publisher to debug the description.

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