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Added some comments about the maven_gemify2 library

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1 parent 012a8c4 commit 06f51e50bc4ef2b440a91fbbe78144dacb814418 @ANithian committed Feb 14, 2012
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@@ -6,11 +6,24 @@
require 'rubygems/installer'
require 'set'
-# A modified maven_gemify
+# Amit Nithianandan
+# 2/01/2012
+# A modified maven_gemify that relies on the underlying Maven dependency
+# plugin to generate the proper classpath. Instead of downloading and packaging
+# the jar inside the gem, make a ruby file require the jar file that already exists
+# in the existing maven repo. This is handy in cases where java and ruby projects are simultaneously
+# deployed across an organization and servers have mounted both a common maven repo AND a common gem
+# mount.
module Gem
class Maven3NotFound < StandardError; end
+ #A simple sub-class of the Specification that stores the "original" bundler
+ #name of the gem. This name is not compatible with most file systems and is a pain
+ #to require (require 'mvn:something:something' is ugly compared to require 'something_something')
+ #Since this maven_gemify gets called multiple times, it's necessary to make sure that the original
+ #name is preserved. This could rather store the maven group/artifact id so as to not keep parsing the
+ #original name over and over again.
class MavenSpec < Gem::Specification
attr_reader :orig_name
def orig_name=(orig_name)

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