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* GrassGrowth PNG Loader
#include "";
#include "";
namespace GrassGrowth {
//Enumeration used when storing special offsets when loading a map (extends enumeration in
enum GrassGrowthPNGLoaderOffset {
GRASSGROWTH_CANDIDATE = offsets_count + 1 //Sky tiles (for post-stage check for grass growth)
class GrassGrowthPNGLoader : ::PNGLoader {
//Keep an array of grass candidate tile offsets
int[] mGrassCandidateOffsets;
GrassGrowthPNGLoader() {
//Extend super class' offset reference array with any custom ones
int offsetsCountDiff = GRASSGROWTH_OFFSETS_COUNT - offsets_count;
while (offsetsCountDiff -- > 0) {
} //End constructor
bool loadMap(CMap@ map, const string& in filename) override {
bool result = false;
//Call super class' version of this method
result = PNGLoader::loadMap(map, filename);
//Store grass candidate tile offsets
map.set("grassCandidateOffsets", mGrassCandidateOffsets);
//Finished, return result
return result;
} //End method
void handlePixel(SColor color_pixel, int offset) override {
//Call super class' version of this method, to make sure we don't miss out on any default behaviour
PNGLoader::handlePixel(color_pixel, offset);
//Check if empty/sky
if(color_pixel == sky || color_pixel == color_tile_grass) {
offsets[GRASSGROWTH_CANDIDATE].push_back(offset); //Store offset reference
} //End method
void handleOffset(int type, int offset, int position, int count) override {
//Call super class' version of this method, to make sure we don't miss out on any default behaviour
PNGLoader::handleOffset(type, offset, position, count);
//If grass candidate
//Determine offset number for tile below
int belowOffset = offset + map.tilemapwidth;
//Determine offset number for the very last tile in the map
int lastOffset = map.tilemapwidth * map.tilemapheight - 1;
//Check if tile below is dirt/ground
if(belowOffset <= lastOffset && map.getTile(belowOffset).type == CMap::tile_ground) {
//Add this tile's offset
} //End method
} //End class
} //End namespace