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AOE is a leading global provider of services for digital transformation and business models. AOE relies exclusively on established Enterprise Open Source...

Pinned repositories

  1. A static site generator for AOE Technology Radar

    JavaScript 45 30

  2. Forked from fbrnc/EnvSettingsTool

    EnvSettingsTool offers a concept to adjust settings for applications via CSV file. With special handlers for Magento

    PHP 58 29

  3. Libraries and scripts for crawling the TYPO3 page tree. Used for re-caching, re-indexing, publishing applications etc.

    PHP 23 60

  4. Visualize Architecture: Microservice Architecture Tool for visualizing, analysing and automatic documentation of (distributed) Software Architectures

    JavaScript 50 18

  5. Integrates Geb screenshots into the spock-reports library

    HTML 34 11

  6. restler (PHP REST-Framework) for TYPO3

    PHP 29 16


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