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AOE is a leading global provider of services for digital transformation and business models. AOE relies exclusively on established Enterprise Open Source...


  1. Create your own Technology Radar: A static site generator for a full featured Technology Radar. Features: Quadrants, Rings, Dashboard, Radar Visualization, Item History, Search etc..

    TypeScript 145 78

  2. semanticore Public

    Semanticore: Your friendly Semantic Release Bot 🤖 🦁 🐉. Autogenerate Release Notes from Commits and automate Github/Gitlab Release generation.

    Go 17 5

  3. vistecture Public

    Visualize Architecture: Microservice Architecture Tool for visualizing, analysing and automatic documentation of (distributed) Software Architectures

    Go 82 27

  4. restler (PHP REST-Framework) for TYPO3

    PHP 30 16

  5. meals Public

    Tool to book meals. Keycloak/LDAP connection / PayPal integration / meals administration / support for guests / budget management etc..

    PHP 18 4

  6. Awesome List for Dev-Ops / Kubernetes / Cloud

    JavaScript 6 3


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