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Aoe_Metrics (for AWS CloudWatch)

This module offers a simple way to gather custom metrics (e.g. number of order by status and store) and send them to a collector backend (e.g. AWS CloudWatch).

Author: Fabrizio Branca

This is a first prototype. Simplicity was a priority. This is why this doesn't pull in any other libraries (e.g. and relies on the aws cli command and its profiles instead of pulling in AWS SDK for PHP.

Also, this currently only supports AWS CloudWatch and no other collector (StatsD, CollectD,...)

New metrics can be added by subscribing to the aoemetrics_collect event.

Metrics will be collected in a cron job (which is also called aoemetrics_collect).

NOTE: This cron job does not come with a default schedule. Use Aoe_Scheduler to configure it to be run "always".

Also, currently there's no interface to select which metrics are being collected and to pass any configuration to the metrics. You need to handle this inside your metric implementation.

Example Metric Implementation

Look at Aoe_Metrics_Model_Metric_OrderStateCount for an example.


See System > Configuration > System > AOE Metrics

Ideas for metrics

  • Order count grouped by state (implemented)
  • Order count grouped by status (might result in a lot of data)
  • New/Updated Quote Items (Count)
  • New/Updated Quotes (Count)
  • Quote: Number of items
  • Quote: Value
  • Invoices, Creditmemos, Shipments, Payments
  • Orderstatus updates
  • EE Indexer Queue sizes - processed, unprocessed (should go into
  • Aoe_Queue stats (should go into
  • Aoe_Scheduler stats (failed jobs, delay between scheduled_at and executed_at) (should go into
  • Products Updated (number of new and updated products for a given timeframe)
  • Sessions
  • Customers (logins, registrations)


You need to keep track of the last execution yourself in the metric implementation if your metric relies on that. Example: Counting number of updated products or customer signup in a given timeframe. Assuming that the last run was exactly 60 seconds ago is probably not very accurate and the metrics might show wrong numbers.


If you have an interesting metric that's general purpose feel free to add it to this module and create a PR.


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