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A static site generator for AOE Technology Radar
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AOE Technology Radar

A static site generator for AOE Technology Radar

Usage for your own radar?

The generator is free to use under Open Source License - in fact there are already some other Radars published based on our Radar and there are also Contributions back. (There is a list of planned features below in case someone wants to contribute :-)

However please be aware:

  • The text and descriptions for the articles in the "radar" are copyright protected by AOE and they are not allowed to use in your radar
  • It would be nice to mention in radar that the generator is based on this repository.
  • Also when you want to reuse the CSS and Styling: Change the font (it is a licensed font) and the colors (It using AOE CI)


> git clone
> cd aoe_technology_radar
> yarn install
> yarn watch

A new browser tab should open up - wait until last command has finished and refresh.


For a new Technology Radar release, create a folder of the release date (YYYY-MM-DD) under /radar. In each release folder create a folder for every quadrant and place the items there.

Maintaining items

The items are written in Markdown format (.md)

Each file has a front-matter header where the attributes of the item are listed:

title:      "React"
ring:       adopt
quadrant:   languages-and-frameworks

Text goes here. You can use **markdown** here.

Following front-matter attributes are possible:

  • title: Name of the Item
  • quadrant: Quadrant. One of languages-and-frameworks, methods-and-patterns, platforms-and-aoe-services, tools
  • ring: Ring section in radar. One of trial, assess, adopt, hold
  • info: (optional) A short textual description of the item (visible in overview pages)
  • featured: (optional, default "true") If you set this to false, the item will not be visible in the radar quadrants but still be available in the overview.

The name of the .md file acts as item identifier and may overwrite items with the same name from older releases.

If an item is overwritten in a new release, the attributes from the new item are merged with the old ones and a new history entry is created for that item.


  • Travis (master)

  • Travis (next)


  • Add Icons
  • Implement search
  • Finalize CSS
  • Get contents for how-to-use page
  • Tagging Items (Show Tags / Linking related items automatically)
  • Filter by Tags in overview
  • Show item history on details (relevant with 2nd release)
  • Better semantic and SEO
  • Make mobile friendly
  • Add mobile navigation and search
  • Create more react components for already existing CSS comps
  • Refactor hardcoded subfolder in routing
  • Unit test for radar generation 🙈
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