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update kernel and modules for Big Mem Merge #5

wants to merge 53 commits into from

2 participants


This Kernel and ROM in conjunction with the Aries-common fix free up 47MB of ram.

Stevespear426 and others added some commits Apr 5, 2012
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 update kernel and modules 522d7b9
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 Getting ready for AOKPSGS love cabda2c
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 Use Apns fro prebuilts until aokp updated af35e92
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 inherit xhdpi 7387e4e
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 Fix perm. trying an overlay for louder sounds. 1f7b004
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 Clean that up a bit fd7ab90
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 Straighten out now that I can gerrit 1a027a8
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 update kernel with magmeter fix
Thanks Pawtip
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 Update kernel 7053ac4
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 oops 8dce36c
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 add autobrightness values 295f9b1
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 Turn off nav bar 2b2fa5e
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 add adb over network settings 09dba4a
@Efpophis Efpophis Fixed config_autoBrightnessButtonBacklightValues and config_autoBrigh…
…tnessKeyboardBacklightValues so they have the required number of entries to correspond with config_autoBrightnessLevels.
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 Merge pull request #1 from Efpophis/patch-2
Patch 2
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 Kernel 0f1f1ca
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 how did that get in there? eca4cf5
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 increase wifi scan interval 0d368d7
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 Cflags, Dalvik heap size, Wifi interval 830ead6
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 Use glitch c957881
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 THS Mem, Brightness 0536ef0
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 derp 7771269
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 Testing TWRP recovery 8e0231b
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 Revert "Testing TWRP recovery"
This reverts commit 8e0231b940fb5818591c26a41d98571f2c520e37.
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 add Tablet UI 4aa96a1
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 Back to HDPI f877f13
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 Add pad.prop b2b621e
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 Switch to SAD 49602c8
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 Add phone a search by default 1668629
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 Hybrid stuff 7347f33
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 Getting ready for build 35 020af5d
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 Update aokp.prop 0757b28
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 Update AOKP.prop some more b405e37
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 change 22 5521935
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 Build Inline Kernel c3db569
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 wow thats dumb 463f2e4
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 Fassy's gotta be different 9875ff6
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 Leave a prebuilt backup kernel 81b8fbb
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 add prebuilt kernel back in 8a243be
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 Try inline again 2a50060
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 TWRP 2c7a6bc
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 trying to fix twrp bd48792
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 Revert "trying to fix twrp"
This reverts commit bd4879268ff49d99b058d3e38e5f21d1f43c60fa.
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 Revert "TWRP"
This reverts commit 2c7a6bc09ea9e273b4df37517c89cf6ff2c5c5d1.
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 TRWP round 2 b2984d6
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 White space a6a4d89
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 Revert TWRP 2 e5ccf2f
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 Custom squisher b10bfce
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 Wifi background scan, sms split 62e3ce7
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 Revert "Custom squisher"
This reverts commit b10bfce4aaf32fda09ef2730a79b8a5ffc7f20ca.
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 Prep for devil kernel a265746
stevespear426 Lets run devil for a while 2595f17
@Stevespear426 Stevespear426 Temp fix e526d3a
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