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Commits on Apr 20, 2013
  1. @Jubakuba

    Bluetooth losing HF connection to car-kit after 5 seconds

    Markus Schmidt authored Jubakuba committed
    This patch adresses a change in bluetooth which causes a possible
    loss of connection within 5 seconds after connecting.  This new
    behavior appeared with android 4.2 (4.1.2 worked fine in this regard).
    I traced down the disconnects to an BTA_AG_SVC_TOUT_EVT via a timer
    that checks if a service connection was made within a few seconds.
    Essentially bta_ag_svc_conn_open() was not called on AT+CMER because
    android thought the car kit supported 3WAY but the car kit did not
    set the 3WAY flag via AT commands and did not send AT+CHLD either.
    Android otoh used the flag obtained by SDP and expected 3WAY behavior
    and eventually disconnected when AT+CHLD did not arrive.
    This may be a bordeline case, because in the Bluetooth Specification
    (page 20), assuming service level initialization via SDP is only
    mentioned on the HF side while there is no such mention (but could
    probably be implied) on page 21 for the AG.
    Fact is however, that the use of SDP features value for peer_features
    is new since Android 4.2 and breaks existing good behavior on a BMW
    2005/E46 car kit (navi professional). This kit never asks for AT+CHLD
    and never via AT commands suggests it supports 3WAY (although it seems
    to have the flag set via SDP).
    Also, having essential behavior (like making the connection or not)
    depend on circumstances that may be prone to race conditions, may be
    a good reason to not use the SDP flag also (or at least masking out
    the 3WAY bit when using it).
    (An alternative approach could be to hook into bta_ag_timer_cback() and
    when the timer exipres, but when also AT+CMER has been seen meanwhile,
    to continue and assume a service level connection without 3WAY,
    i.e. clearing the 3-way flags but calling bta_ag_svc_conn_open() anyway.)
    Original author Markus Schmidt <>
    PS2: Correct Author and Whitspace
    Signed-off-by: apophis9283 <>
    Change-Id: Ib011ae6a1fb810dda9d851d2f03e8f7234761a89
Commits on Mar 31, 2013
  1. @Whitehawkx

    Merge "a2dp hw: adding a2dp tuning through bdroid_buildcfg.h" into jb…

    Whitehawkx authored Gerrit Code Review committed
Commits on Mar 30, 2013
  1. @tbalden @Whitehawkx

    a2dp hw: adding a2dp tuning through bdroid_buildcfg.h

    tbalden authored Whitehawkx committed
    This adds possibility to configure a2dp tuning on an
    arbitrary sysfs path and arbitrary ON/OFF values.
    It's activated when a2dp is being used, and
    deactivates when a2dp is stopped.
    This way a device can either use an a2dp_tuning sysfs file
    or cpu scaling min freq sysfs path with a target
    min_freq value for elevation.
    Here are two example of the two strategies of usage for
    bdroid_buildcfg.h - sysfs tuning file
     #define A2DP_HW_SYSFS_TUNER "/sys/devices/platform/tegra_uart.2/a2dp_tuning"
     #define A2DP_HW_SYSFS_TUNER_OFF "0"
     #define A2DP_HW_SYSFS_TUNER_ON "1"
    bdroid_buildcfg.h - scaling min freq file
     #define A2DP_HW_SYSFS_TUNER "/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_min_freq"
     #define A2DP_HW_SYSFS_TUNER_OFF "0"
     #define A2DP_HW_SYSFS_TUNER_ON "204000"
    Change-Id: I2cd94e626eb2a6d04a6e52ddac94fa5773eb09d8
  2. @thoemy @Whitehawkx

    libbt-hci: include bdroid_buildcfg.h from device repo

    thoemy authored Whitehawkx committed
    This lets device repos override some constants with their bdroid_buildcfg.h if
    This fixes Bluetooth issues (namely tethering) on endeavoru where
    BTHC_USERIAL_READ_MEM_SIZE needs to be set to a higher value.
    Change-Id: I8955963cdb2b34f1ba63f8160861699f7284814f
Commits on Mar 3, 2013
  1. @blackout4 @akellar

    Update btif_media_task.c

    blackout4 authored akellar committed
    Change middle quality to high quality for A2DP streaming to solve the issue of disortion in higher frequencies of music playback.  Refer to Android Google code issue 39632.
Commits on Feb 14, 2013
  1. @MarcLandis

    Merge tag 'android-4.2.2_r1' into HEAD

    MarcLandis authored
    Android 4.2.2 release 1
Commits on Jan 26, 2013
  1. Merge "Bluetooth: Change Sampling Frequency to 48 kHz"

    Linux Build Service Account authored Gerrit - the friendly Code Review server committed
Commits on Jan 23, 2013
  1. Bluetooth: Change Sampling Frequency to 48 kHz

    Sunny Kapdi authored Mallikarjuna GB committed
    Change Default Sampling Frequency to 48 kHz by default to
    match Audio Source.
    CRs-fixed: 436686
    Change-Id: I0a4aa9ca61964e76220c77fa60c281f7a5df58b4
Commits on Jan 14, 2013
  1. Merge "Bluetooth: Add feature flag to compile the audio stub"

    Linux Build Service Account authored Gerrit - the friendly Code Review server committed
  2. Merge "Bluedroid: Disable bluedroid stack when bluez stack is enabled"

    Linux Build Service Account authored Gerrit - the friendly Code Review server committed
Commits on Jan 13, 2013
  1. Bluetooth: Add feature flag to compile the audio stub

    Bhasker Neti authored Shruthi Krishna committed
    This enables the compilation of audio stub of bluedroid only
    if Bluedroid related feature flag is enabled.
    Change-Id: I4a9b9b26824d7eaede8a9a7b3c2093fd33a2ee91
  2. Bluedroid: Disable bluedroid stack when bluez stack is enabled

    Ram Mohan Korukonda authored Shruthi Krishna committed
    When bluez stack is enabled by setting BOARD_HAVE_BLUETOOTH_BLUEZ
    don't compile the bluedroid stack
    Change-Id: I5324769b1349dc5f288a3bdb0bf4cc38ae3043d3
Commits on Dec 13, 2012
  1. Snapshot 9fd57cbacd95e89602f430244c35bbc67f08b6d2

    The Android Open Source Project authored
    Change-Id: Ibc3a4bf4161d286c7cfab89a19c676eb5cc9224f
  2. Snapshot 09118679ff7861de0fe2b742591e5d6aadba3fcc

    The Android Open Source Project authored
    Change-Id: I35cdb320673d847d8122bc03b9832d13673ea208
  3. Snapshot 0d153181bbe9ce75555b437567796a9aef4ef0ae

    The Android Open Source Project authored
    Change-Id: I99fb22bd2e10af658de4cfe26470e71bda147ce8
  4. Snapshot cdeccf6fdd8c2d494ea2867cb37a025bf8879baf

    The Android Open Source Project authored
    Change-Id: Ia2de32ccb97a9641462c72363b0a8c4288f4f36d
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