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Commits on Sep 28, 2012
  1. @cgarst @Whitehawkx

    Ported: Bluetooth Message Access Profile (MAP) from CM9

    cgarst authored Whitehawkx committed
    This was added to restore message exchange capabilities with automotive systems.
    Change-Id: I88af538273bdf9dd24c971c196500d713f54f6ab
Commits on Jun 5, 2012
  1. Don't return a fallback value for Alias property of BT device.

    Jake Hamby authored
    When getting properties for a Bluetooth device, or getting info about a newly
    discovered device, do not set the Alias property to the device name or to the
    Bluetooth address as a fallback. The Alias property will only be set if the
    user has actually set a custom alias for the device.
    Bug: 5346926
    Change-Id: Iea51b642592fae066ab075b0fe46d255f2d73119
Commits on Apr 3, 2012
  1. send extra UUID property change notifications to help the upper layer…

    Travis Geiselbrecht authored Mike Lockwood committed
    …s change state
    In the scenario where there are no plugins loaded, bluez initializes and finishes
    putting the adapter in a powered down state before the upper layers have a chance
    of finishing their initialization. By duplicately sending UUID property changes,
    the upper layer notices and moves to the next state.
    Change-Id: I673cfb95444d1fee12264e50c709f85a40480068
Commits on Aug 30, 2011
  1. Fix setting high priority on the ACL link for A2DP.

    Jaikumar Ganesh authored
    memset the addr variable.
    Change-Id: I3a3567145985ba425ebf8e4b21d426dcb490dbf5
Commits on Aug 4, 2011
  1. Fix for Pin or key missing rfcomm socket error authored Jaikumar Ganesh committed
    If cancel is pressed on the pin request dialog (for non SSP case),
    auth request continues in a loop. Add additional checks for
    the auth agent.
    This is a gross temporary hack till we move to the mgmt interface.
    Change-Id: I565a75698cb4fa1c2ed8c93ed6198b05a1a7b8af
Commits on Jul 27, 2011
  1. Merge "Fix unpair device when disconnected for No Bonding"

    Jaikumar Ganesh authored Android (Google) Code Review committed
  2. Fix unpair device when disconnected for No Bonding

    Dmitriy Paliy authored Jaikumar Ganesh committed
    Fix Paired device property if 'No Bonding' authentication is used. It is
    set to be false when device is disconnected and no link key is stored.
    Otherwise, there can be cases when device is still valid and being
    claimed as paired without available bonding information.
    For instanse, use of CreateDevice method call and obex client file
    transfer is such use case.
Commits on Jul 26, 2011
  1. Fix Bluetooth HS AG SDP record. authored Jaikumar Ganesh committed
    SDP_ATTR_EXTERNAL_NETWORK is not part of the HS specification.
    Original Author: Jh Kim
    Change-Id: Ic649e7532acabfbbb9adeaa1db3e7c8e51d3fd19
Commits on Jul 13, 2011
  1. Merge "Add NOTICE and MODULE_LICENSE_GPL files."

    Jean-Baptiste Queru authored Android (Google) Code Review committed
Commits on May 25, 2011
  1. Temporary changes till attrib is made an independent plugin.

    Jaikumar Ganesh authored
    Change-Id: I03f277e6ed28538bb1618b6161994459efaa4d1b
  2. Change version number to 4.93

    Jaikumar Ganesh authored
    Change-Id: Idc8204629b859ef3873afc4d303a61308af14a07
  3. Fix setting of mode after discovery times out.

    Jaikumar Ganesh authored
    When discovery times out, we were not setting the mode appropriately.
    Thus, if the adapter is turned off and on, we will get the incorrect mode.
    Also add a forward declaration for the introduced circular dependency.
  4. Fix authentication problem due to deleted link key

    Jaikumar Ganesh authored
    When two SSP devices are paired and the other end
    deletes the link key, any connection requests requiring
    authentication will fail with the error code "PIN or Key missing".
    In such a case, the link key has to be deleted and authentication
    tried again.
    Note: This is a temporary fix. The new management interfaces
    will consolidate all the SSP logic.
    Change-Id: I517b081c0014e75507554604dc45ae44f15050c4
  5. Add DBus calls to Adapter for adding SDP records.

    Jaikumar Ganesh authored
    There is no way to add SDP records by just specifying the uuid.
    Since Android doesn't use all profiles on Bluez directly,
    we need one such API to add the SDP records.
    Change-Id: I560d3f2bad60afd317fbf0465281e901d2fcbae5
  6. Add missing NOTICE files.

    David Deephanphongs authored Jaikumar Ganesh committed
    Original commit: c3d03f1
    update by Jaikumar Ganesh for Bluez upmerge.
  7. Add local C flag for Broadcomm boards.

    Jaikumar Ganesh authored
    This is used to set ACL priorities which allows
    for better A2DP streaming.
    Change-Id: I8b5f651d3dd3eff400db226c56df42025795ebb8
  8. Allow configure default link policy in main.conf

    Bao Liang authored Jaikumar Ganesh committed
    Currently BlueZ is hard-coding the default link policy to include
    role switch, hold mode, sniff mode and park state. However, some
    device will have problem to maintain the connection or setup SCO
    if they are in park state. Making these operation modes configurable
    in main.conf improves flexibility so any of these four modes can be
    disabled if necessary.
    Signed-off-by: Bao Liang <>
  9. Add an API to set the link timeout.

    Jaikumar Ganesh authored
    Change-Id: I5abd8fc37e20a7916e84e624f883c7a1987b0587
  10. Add DBUS interfaces AddRfcommServiceRecord() and RemoveServiceRecord().

    Nick Pelly authored Jaikumar Ganesh committed
    org.bluez.Adapter.AddRfcommServiceRecord takes a name, uuid and channel
    and creates a record like:
    Service Name: MyApplication
    Service RecHandle: 0x10009
    Service Class ID List:
      UUID 128: 42999bc0-ac5e-11de-8a39-0800200c9a66
    Protocol Descriptor List:
      "L2CAP" (0x0100)
      "RFCOMM" (0x0003)
        Channel: 26
    It returns the integer Record Handle, that can be used with
    org.bluez.Adapter.RemoveServiceRecord to remove that record.
    Bug: 2158900
    DrNo: eastham
    Changes to original commit: Jaikumar Ganesh for Bluez upgrade.
    Change-Id: Ie375d5ccd24b5faf067a26b8a04a1449b3f56ce2
  11. Add new Agent API : RequestPairingConsent.

    Jaikumar Ganesh authored
    This callback will be called for incoming pairing requests for 2.1
    devices only when the remote IO capabilities are NoInputNoOutput
    or DisplayOnly and the local IO capability is DisplayYesNo.
    Currently, we were silently auto accepting.
  12. Don't bail out if Discovery is in progress when getting the rfcomm ch…

    Jaikumar Ganesh authored
    We should be having the SDP record in the cache. In the very rare
    case, that the remote device's SDP records have changed and if a discovery
    is in progress, we would have already updated the cache or if we have not
    queried the device yet, we are going to fail anyways.
  13. Correct the buggy return instruction.

    Jing Yu authored Jaikumar Ganesh committed
  14. Add capabilities to bluetoothd.

    Jaikumar Ganesh authored
    As android init.rc doesn't support applying linux capabilities,
    add them after starting the bluetooth daemon as root.
    Original Change by Nick Pelly. <>
    Moved to Bluez4 by Jaikumar Ganesh. <>
    Change-Id: I9406ddc33a6510845b6709b321d828b160ed10ca
  15. Add Android system properties to set the device name, set sampling fr…

    Jaikumar Ganesh authored
    1)Add support for ro.produce.model/brand/name system properties.
    2)Set SBC frequency to 44100.
    Original Change by Nick Pelly. <>
    Moved to Bluez-4 by Jaikumar Ganesh. <>
  16. Add GetServiceAttribute function.

    Jaikumar Ganesh authored
    This is needed for the headset profile.
    Change-Id: I6668c28cf27512262d585cdeeadd6c0b69c5edd9
  17. Changes to make bluez compile under Android.

    Jaikumar Ganesh authored
    Change-Id: If9fb714fcd4aa0c00f6940c5cccbd89999052288
  18. Make android specific changes to conf files.

    Jaikumar Ganesh authored
    Change-Id: I60bfb7cf24f1152913f944652e413509a6c31f26
  19. Add Android specific files.

    Jaikumar Ganesh authored
    1. Add android_bluez.c
    2. Add the plugin file.
    3. Add the lexer and parser generated files.
    Original Author of some changes - Nick Pelly.
    Moved to Bluez4 by Jaikumar Ganesh
  20. Change to Android style sockets.

    Jaikumar Ganesh authored
    Original Change by Nick Pelly.
    Moved to Bluez-4 by Jaikumar Ganesh
    Change-Id: I5ee90dd491d76ddf13da8c37356127b68c6a23ee
  21. Add Android makefiles to Bluez.

    Jaikumar Ganesh authored
    This includes the following commits from previous versions:
    a) bluez: Add for pand (off by default)
       b163e2b by <>
    b) Add missing libbluetooth in linker commands for executables using libbluetoothd.
       3e442fe by <>
    c) Edit makefiles to get network to work. Changed libglib to be a shared library
       fddb10d62d21580c49101c3dc4ab43f6619234c0 by Danica Chang
    d) Update Bluetooth configuration path: 0b25504e93b95a809e32227a3832bf08a3c13296
       by Jaikumar Ganesh
    e) bluez : use another code for Intel's mmx. fe0762b2463df43b2765582c76a09356c753e16b
       by: Author: Jae-Hyung Ahn <>,
       Signed-off-by: Bruce Beare <>
Commits on May 19, 2011
  1. @sdemario @jhedberg

    Cleanup of device class update signal

    sdemario authored jhedberg committed
    Adds a new device function to address the PropertyChanged
    signal when the device's class changes. event.c file should
    avoid sending signals that belongs to device objects.
  2. @jhedberg

    Removed unused variable "secmode3" in btd_device

    Claudio Takahasi authored jhedberg committed
Commits on May 18, 2011
  1. @jhedberg

    Drop variable EIR length

    Bruna Moreira authored jhedberg committed
    The functions eir_parse() and adapter_update_found_devices() now
    assume that the EIR buffer has always 240 octets. For advertising
    reports, the advertising data is stored on a buffer with 240 bytes,
    padded with zeroes.
  2. @jhedberg


    Bruna Moreira authored jhedberg committed
    Both defines have the same value (240) and meaning.
  3. @jhedberg

    Cleanup inserting new device found entry

    Claudio Takahasi authored jhedberg committed
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