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/* header to be included in non-HAX-specific code */
#ifndef _HAX_H
#define _HAX_H
#include "config.h"
#include "qemu-common.h"
#include "cpu.h"
extern int hax_disabled;
struct hax_vcpu_state;
int hax_enabled(void);
int hax_set_ramsize(uint64_t ramsize);
int hax_init(int smp_cpus);
int hax_init_vcpu(CPUState *env);
/* Execute vcpu in non-root mode */
int hax_vcpu_exec(CPUState *env);
/* Sync vcpu state with HAX driver */
int hax_sync_vcpus(void);
void hax_vcpu_sync_state(CPUState *env, int modified);
int hax_populate_ram(uint64_t va, uint32_t size);
int hax_set_phys_mem(target_phys_addr_t start_addr,
ram_addr_t size, ram_addr_t phys_offset);
/* Check if QEMU need emulate guest execution */
int hax_vcpu_emulation_mode(CPUState *env);
int hax_stop_emulation(CPUState *env);
int hax_stop_translate(CPUState *env);
int hax_arch_get_registers(CPUState *env);
void hax_raise_event(CPUState *env);
void hax_reset_vcpu_state(void *opaque);
#include "target-i386/hax-interface.h"
#define hax_enabled() (0)
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