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Commits on Oct 1, 2009
  1. wpa_supplicant: push keystore access to tls_openssl.c.

    Chia-chi Yeh authored
    Since we support certificate chain, doing it in eap_tls_common.c becomes too complicated.
    To make things simpler, push the logic to tls_openssl.c and use keystore namespace instead.
Commits on Sep 18, 2009
  1. wpa_supplicant: switch to multi-user keystore.

    Chia-chi Yeh authored
Commits on Sep 1, 2009
  1. Support certificate chain for CA cert from blob data.

    Chung-yih Wang authored
    We have to use PEM format for blob data and modify the ca_cert handling to
    support certificate chain for CA certificates. Since the original code
    can not support the CA chain from blob.
Commits on Jul 14, 2009
  1. Fix the incorrect conversion detection in PEM format.

    Chung-yih Wang authored
    Since there could be some human readble help text in the PEM header,
    we need to refine our type checking to make it correct since tls_openssl
    can accept blob with DER format only.
    + The keystore blobs will be cleaned up for each tls connection.
Commits on Jul 7, 2009
  1. Read the certificate/private key from keystore.

    Chung-yih Wang authored
    Reimplement the retrievel of the cert/key data from keystore
    and use "blob://" to indicate the data is a blob, this will
    save us to touch the certificate handling part in tls_openssl.c.
    However, since the original cert handling is not complete for
    dealing with blob data. We have to convert the blob data to DER
    format if it is a PEM one.
Commits on Mar 4, 2009
  1. auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843

    The Android Open Source Project authored
  2. auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843

    The Android Open Source Project authored
Commits on Jan 12, 1970
  1. external/wpa_supplicant 0.5.10

    Upstream authored
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