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Merge "[HTML5] Implementation of WebSockets (framework)." into jb-mr1

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Whitehawkx authored and Gerrit Code Review committed Apr 4, 2013
2 parents 8012789 + e3acbc6 commit 065cc3c7c23630abf5c77e1a27bfd136184cce91
@@ -27218,6 +27218,7 @@ package android.webkit {
method public synchronized int getTextZoom();
method public synchronized boolean getUseWideViewPort();
method public synchronized java.lang.String getUserAgentString();
+ method public synchronized boolean getWebSocketsEnabled();
method public void setAllowContentAccess(boolean);
method public void setAllowFileAccess(boolean);
method public abstract void setAllowFileAccessFromFileURLs(boolean);
@@ -27268,6 +27269,7 @@ package android.webkit {
method public synchronized void setTextZoom(int);
method public synchronized void setUseWideViewPort(boolean);
method public synchronized void setUserAgentString(java.lang.String);
+ method public synchronized void setWebSocketsEnabled(boolean);
method public synchronized boolean supportMultipleWindows();
method public boolean supportZoom();
field public static final int LOAD_CACHE_ELSE_NETWORK = 1; // 0x1
@@ -41333,8 +41335,8 @@ package {
public class ZipFile {
ctor public ZipFile( throws,;
- ctor public ZipFile(, int) throws;
ctor public ZipFile(java.lang.String) throws;
+ ctor public ZipFile(, int) throws;
method public void close() throws;
method public java.util.Enumeration<? extends> entries();
method public getEntry(java.lang.String);
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