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hwui: This code should only be enabled with QCOM_BSP

 * Crashy crashy!

Change-Id: I1a06ac54a8ce2dccbf4a67424b0cbb6e7dd21e8b
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1 parent 065cc3c commit 35a86385d7a9afbc286703f5e9d1d9bb8af9eb9a @cyanogen cyanogen committed with mathur
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1 libs/hwui/OpenGLRenderer.cpp
2 libs/hwui/OpenGLRenderer.cpp
@@ -208,7 +208,7 @@ status_t OpenGLRenderer::prepareDirty(float left, float top, float right, float
status_t OpenGLRenderer::clear(float left, float top, float right, float bottom, bool opaque) {
+#ifdef QCOM_BSP
mCaches.setScissor(left, mSnapshot->height - bottom, right - left, bottom - top);

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