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Performance increase in thumbnail handling

Allow for 160*120 thumbnails which is what cameras commonly
generates. The constants for the micro thumbnail were set to other
values, resulting in recalculations of the thumbnais, which
takes time.

This change only affects the maximum size of the temporary image,
when choosing whether to use the EXIF thumbnail or decoding and
downsampling the full image. Without this change, it will choose
an x16 downsampling of the full image over an x2 downsampling of
the EXIF thumbnail, after the change it will prefer the EXIF

Cf the DCF specifications at,
"3.3.6. DCF basic thumbnail data structure, (C) Pixel count"

Tested by running DDMS and measuring the time required to create
a thumbnail. This was 220-280 ms prior to change, < 20 ms after.

Change-Id: I59c753493f947e920bad3fde5eeed5d49d509863
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commit 5804bfd365e4e58b8ff6621749cb788fcc841f1d 1 parent 149aa56
Posselwhite authored Stevespear426 committed
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1  media/java/android/media/
2  media/java/android/media/
@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@
/* Maximum pixels size for created bitmap. */
private static final int MAX_NUM_PIXELS_THUMBNAIL = 512 * 384;
- private static final int MAX_NUM_PIXELS_MICRO_THUMBNAIL = 128 * 128;
+ private static final int MAX_NUM_PIXELS_MICRO_THUMBNAIL = 160 * 120;
private static final int UNCONSTRAINED = -1;
/* Options used internally. */
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