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Sep 18, 2012

  1. GLSurfaceView defaults to 888 instead of 565

    Change-Id: Ie00fe578136365031e4bb878a04b68dc40e24b9e
    Mathias Agopian authored

Aug 16, 2012

  1. Rename UserId to UserHandle.

    This is the start of turning this into a formal public API.
    Change-Id: I5786d2c320f1de41a06ed5d0f65adb68967287a0
    Dianne Hackborn authored

Aug 09, 2012

  1. Enable use of Surface as a native window in EGL14 wrapper.

    Change-Id: Ia3546fd02f9b60d4505fbc0602522b95e3e5b6be
    Jeff Brown authored

Aug 01, 2012

  1. Improve gradients

    Avoid using textures for common gradients (two stops from 0.0 to 1.0)
    Change-Id: Iff55d21b126c8cfc4cfb701669f2339c8f6b131a
    Romain Guy authored

Jul 30, 2012

  1. Fix android.opengl.Matrix frustum's generation

    External bug report:
    Change-Id: I845783c05da46855f0c1d824c9a367f0e4673b85
    Romain Guy authored

Jul 25, 2012

  1. Merge "Make HardwareRenderer able to target generic Surface objects"

    Romain Guy authored Android (Google) Code Review committed

Jul 24, 2012

  1. Make HardwareRenderer able to target generic Surface objects

    Change-Id: I4b7199a1eb30e0df354ae12c4819adc69db5df40
    Romain Guy authored

Jul 20, 2012

  1. updated gles20 bindings, fixes broken methods

    this adds correct versions of the broken GLES20 methods
    glGetShaderSource, glGetActiveAttrib and glGetActiveUniform.
    the old functions are still there and need to be @hide later.
    Bug: 6006380
    Change-Id: I8127a77c4b89aa8a9a54bea88774077535e2139d
    Thomas Tafertshofer authored

Jul 14, 2012

  1. EGL 1.4 API without @hide

    Change-Id: If03d23082b011aaba41594712601495dcbd70f6a
    Thomas Tafertshofer authored

Jul 10, 2012

  1. EGL 1.4 bindings generated by glgen

    Change-Id: I1c3da57101f4ea089a12f1796f25b72d6852141e
    Thomas Tafertshofer authored

Apr 16, 2012

  1. Improve GLSurfaceView Pausing.

    When pausing we want to do three separate things, in order:
     + release the EGL surface
     + optionally release the EGL context
     + optionally terminate Egl
    Previously we would only do these things if we had an EGL surface. But
    it is possible that we don't have an EGL Surface, but still have an EGL
    context. And in that situation we still want to release the EGL context.
    Now we check the preconditions for the three cases separately.
    Bug: 6338235
    Change-Id: I804683b3d5c136cc98ea3f5051067eea18152ddf
    Jack Palevich authored

Apr 10, 2012

  1. Notify monitor waiters when changing mSurfaceIsBad value.

    Otherwise the waiters might not wake up, leading to ANRs.
    Bug: 6307843
    Change-Id: I0646b4e8368f80dbff46342f75709992796973fd
    Jack Palevich authored

Mar 29, 2012

  1. Try to survive a failure return from eglMakeCurrent.

    Assume a failure in eglMakeCurrent occurs because the SurfaceView
    surface has been destroyed.
    See b/6257956 for an example of this failure happening during rotation
    stress testing.
    Change-Id: I4618703b5291aba3a3f0c6bd83c3435a67b97d33
    Jack Palevich authored
  2. Make GLSurfaceView handle eglSwapBuffers errors more robustly.

    A careful reading of the EGL spec, as well as experience with many
    different EGL drivers, has shown that it is error prone to attempt to
    discriminate between different error conditions.
    We now treat any error besides EGL_CONTEXT_LOST as an indication that the
    EGL context is in a bad state, most likely due to the window manager
    having removed the underlying surface flinger surface.
    In addition, we changed the way we deal with this kind of error:
    Previously we would ignore the error and keep rendering. But if the
    EGL context and surface has become invalid, it would be better to
    stop drawing. We now stop drawing until the surface view surface is
    See b/6032663 for an example of this problem affecting the GMM app,
    but note that GMM is using their own version of GLSurfaceView, so this
    change won't help them directly. They'll have to make a similar change
    to their version of GLSurfaceView.
    Change-Id: Iffe3e1e3a3c7a91d03140fd34391eadeaecf777e
    Signed-off-by: Jack Palevich <>
    Jack Palevich authored

Mar 22, 2012

  1. Merge "Package restrictions per user"

    Amith Yamasani authored Android (Google) Code Review committed
  2. Merge "Remove EGL context limit for Adreno GPUs."

    Jack Palevich authored Android (Google) Code Review committed
  3. Package restrictions per user

    Packages can be enabled/disabled per user.
    This requires maintaining stopped/launched states and
    enabled / disabled components and packages per user.
    Refactored pm.Settings and PackageSettingsBase to keep
    track of states per user.
    Migrated the stopped-packages.xml to users/<u>/package-restrictions.xml
    Changed intent resolution to handle individual user restrictions.
    Bunch of IPackageManager calls now have a userId argument.
    Make AppWidgetService handle removals of packages.
    Added some tests for pm.Settings and PackageManager.
    Change-Id: Ia83b529e1df88dbcb3bd55ebfc952a6e9b20e861
    Amith Yamasani authored

Mar 19, 2012

  1. Remove EGL context limit for Adreno GPUs.

    This change allows Adreno GPUs to have multiple EGL contexts. We had
    to limit this in earlier versions of Android due to limitations in
    the Adreno GPU driver (only 8 EGL contexts allowed system wide.)
    That brand of GPU has improved its EGL drivers to support multiple
    EGL contexts in more recent versions of their drivers used on more
    recent versions of Android.
    Bug: 6142005
    Change-Id: Id3030466be9a3d9fbe728f1785378c1f05da98fe
    Jack Palevich authored

Mar 15, 2012

  1. Ignore EGL_BAD_CURRENT_SURFACE errors from eglSwapBuffers

    Certain EGL device drivers are generating this error, so we need to
    survive it. (It's not clear from the EGL spec whether this is a
    legitimate error code, but since it's being generated we need to
    handle it.)
    Remove logging of expected errors from elSwapBuffers. We expect these
    errors to happen, and are handeling them by ignoring them.
    No need to clutter the logs.
    Bug: 6083241
    Change-Id: If17dcfbb68d3009b92cf95a448728ccb47023b51
    Jack Palevich authored

Mar 09, 2012

  1. Expose a function to set OpenGL Trace level.

    This patch adds a function setGlDebugLevel() to libEGL, and
    exposes it to the Java layer at android.opengl.GLUtils.enableTracing().
    Change-Id: Ia5abb130bc32fcfe3ab25b0a0a5283a54c54f357
    Siva Velusamy authored

Mar 08, 2012

  1. remove files that moved to frameworks/native

    Change-Id: I140d291e520097b1148930f736823650e08488f7
    Mathias Agopian authored
  2. fixup hardcoded include paths for new project

    Change-Id: Id443ec5c99bb4d7653905f1be1f72a029e0cf087
    Mathias Agopian authored

Mar 06, 2012

  1. Merge "gltrace: Send vertex attribute data after glDraw() call."

    Siva Velusamy authored Android (Google) Code Review committed

Mar 05, 2012

  1. fixup include paths

    - remove unneeded include deps
    - remove some hardcoded include paths
    Change-Id: Ifae0e2b2d738e0f94f8525c45be78f4227ce1673
    Mathias Agopian authored

Mar 02, 2012

  1. gltrace: Send vertex attribute data after glDraw() call.

    This patch enables tracing of vertex attribute data that
    is specified using glVertexAttribPointer().
    At the time the glVertexAttribPointer() call is made, we
    only receive a pointer in client space, without any indication
    of the size (# of attributes). This size is known only at
    the time of the glDraw() call.
    This patch generates a new message glVertexAttribPointerData()
    when a draw call is issued that contains the vertex attribute
    A glDrawArrays() call directly gives the size of data to copy.
    A glDrawElements() call gives the indices to copy. In such a
    case, all data between the min & max indices drawn are copied
    and sent to the host. To support glDrawElements() with an
    element array buffer, this patch also adds state that maintains
    a copy of all element array buffers.
    Change-Id: I434da794a0aa9ada8e7474e219ffb1d79b183ecf
    Siva Velusamy authored

Feb 28, 2012

  1. Add tracing to various graphics components.

    This change adds ATRACE call tracing to BufferQueue,
    SurfaceTextureClient, SurfaceTexture, SurfaceFlinger, Layer, and EGL.
    Change-Id: I9d75ed26f5a3f0d1af635da38289520134cfbbb7
    Jamie Gennis authored

Feb 27, 2012

  1. libagl shouldn't export anything

    Change-Id: Ia823dbc56aab2a0b8a6063df4348fe6baac124c6
    Mathias Agopian authored
  2. Merge "gltrace: Make code 64-bit safe."

    Siva Velusamy authored Android (Google) Code Review committed
  3. gltrace: Make code 64-bit safe.

    Currently, the trace API passes the pointers that need to be
    patched up via 32 bit integers. Such code will not be 64 bit safe.
    This patch sends all pointers in a separate array of pointers
    for the fixup calls to read from.
    Change-Id: If975333f11a6f6f9a74fba57de328affaed452a5
    Siva Velusamy authored
  4. Merge "gltrace: attach buffer data sent with glBufferData"

    Siva Velusamy authored Android (Google) Code Review committed

Feb 25, 2012

  1. remove dependency on android_native{s_priv|buffer}.h

    Change-Id: Ie4b95f7061c240f37c504414259f92d72c4ffc89
    Mathias Agopian authored
  2. remove libui dependency on libEGL

    Change-Id: I1194f04085637d5c384e134967249430cc43b6ee
    Mathias Agopian authored

Feb 24, 2012

  1. gltrace: attach buffer data sent with glBufferData

    Attach the buffer that is passed with glBufferData
    and glBufferSubData to the proto buf.
    Change-Id: I1b4c1172d405736b06cb0a356a6e241e1d60c4d5
    Siva Velusamy authored

Feb 17, 2012

  1. Merge "gltrace: Trace thread time and wall clock time."

    Siva Velusamy authored Android (Google) Code Review committed
  2. Merge "Remove unused private APIs"

    Romain Guy authored Android (Google) Code Review committed
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