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Commits on Apr 01, 2013
Jubakuba Jubakuba Framework: CustomToggle [WIP]
Early Early Early stages.
Probably going to need A LOT of help here.

Also, Yes.  You're ALL being kanged <3

So far...SteveSpear426.
More WILL Follow.

PS4: Thanks to SteveSpear for Finding My Derp.
PS6: Fix States && LongClick Logic
PS7: Whoops.  Let's pretend PS6 never happened.
PS8: Added Some Options / Fixed State at Boot (maybe)
PS9: Actually set at boot (per option)
PS10: Option to Change Action Logic
PS11: More Options
PS12: Set On Boot Fix For "Basic" Toggle
PS13: Bothering me.  I'll get digging this weekend...
        Just a quick avoidance of runnable if not
PS14: Refactored to follow the new NavBar UI in ROMControl.
PS15: commit message derp.
PS16: Rebase against dependcies
PS17: CustomState presists across death
PS18: Derp
PS19: Spacing errors
PS20: Rebased
PS21: Revise Option Default Per RC Update

Change-Id: I80f157d1a8d68ad0b21028aa7d730025e2ceea04
Commits on Apr 02, 2013
Jubakuba Jubakuba SystemUI: Bring some Swagger Back
Was missed during the toggle rewrite.
Sundays == SwaggerSunday

Alphabetize imports.
Change-Id: I4a6e436dc1a90cea282b4dd5a1daff7c6df892bd
Petr Řezníček kecinzer FW: Updated czech translation
  Patch Set 3: Remove whitespace

Change-Id: Ida9f082acf3c43f0c09fa6b68b44ad8b0a0fc40c
Signed-off-by: kecinzer <>
Commits on Apr 03, 2013
Oleg Smirnov [HTML5] Implementation of WebSockets (framework).
Added binding to android port for Html5 WebSockets.
Added external API for enabling\disabling from browser.
SSL Web Sockets are not implemented in the current version.

Change-Id: I8b7a42780410cb9f043e1f16570ea50db68e00ea
Commits on Apr 04, 2013
rdgate rdgate Updated Japanese translations
- Add missing translations

Change-Id: If0e914884dc99b03ac7501de845d3351b3d15bd6
Signed-off-by: rdgate <>
YULIANGMAX YULIANGMAX Updated simplified Chinese translations
Change-Id: I0446f769ba726b1bcd228e6814e0a61a9015f486
YULIANGMAX YULIANGMAX Updated simplified Chinese translations
Change-Id: I75c61c10c5c28ab6f6b7522d14d7d117e391ed3d
Khas'Mek KhasMek Merge "Updated Japanese translations" into jb-mr1 158cec0
maniac103 maniac103 Fix race condition in backlight adjustment.
When configuring the automatic backlight levels, there's a race
condition in setting the lux and brightness settings as the settings
provider doesn't allow storing multiple settings atomically. When
deleting rows, there's quite a high chance of DisplayPowerController
picking up a state where the lux values already have the lower number of
rows, but the brightness values do not, effectively leading to an

Fix that by
- waiting a second of cool-down time until applying the settings and
- adding a sanity check for the very unlikely case that the delay
  between writing both values is > 1 second

Change-Id: I44e41530fc5334aaefc4ab7d3a90542f78fabe0c
Dirk Rettschlag MarcLandis NavRing: fix icon size
This will add some icon resizing if the app icon is
bigger than the standard icon for the divice density.


Change-Id: I1a816eccd3c77158a0c9c7631c3a7334b4fb3c24
Signed-off-by: Dirk Rettschlag <>
Dirk Rettschlag MarcLandis Adjust margin of ActivityPreference
This will use all the space available in Settings and RC

Change-Id: I9c92770a5f4315eb50fb350d6a60d3789e424f59
Signed-off-by: Dirk Rettschlag <>
Jonathan Steadman Whitehawkx Merge "[HTML5] Implementation of WebSockets (framework)." into jb-mr1 065cc3c
Jeff Sharkey jsharkey It helps to catch the right exception.
Bug: 7238149
Change-Id: I7b60ec44d1d1d5ece8a871cb089f811b611f4a4a
Sangkyu Lee Fix potential deadlock between LockScreen and WindowManagerService
If LockScreen is enhanced using SurfaceView/GLSurfaceView,
deadlock problem between LockScreen and WindowManagerService
can occur because of IWindow.resized() callback.
And it must lead to watchdog and reset.

IWindow.resized() callback is one-way function so calling resized()
callback of a remote IWindow object is never blocked.
However, calling resized() callback of a local IWindow object
(LockScreen is running on the same system_server process)
is always blocked until resized() callback returns.
Because resized() callback of SurfaceView/GLSurfaceView can lead to
WindowManagerService.relayoutWindow() call, deadlock can occur
between relayoutWindow() and performLayoutAndPlaceSurfacesLockedInner().
(Both functions need locking mWindowMap)

So this patch simulate one-way call when calling resized() callback
of a local IWindow object.

Change-Id: I2a6a5c74ed22d8e6b7a3bea3424ff2879d227105
Signed-off-by: Sangkyu Lee <>
Commits on Apr 05, 2013
Steve Kondik cyanogen hwui: This code should only be enabled with QCOM_BSP
 * Crashy crashy!

Change-Id: I1a06ac54a8ce2dccbf4a67424b0cbb6e7dd21e8b
Jonathan Steadman Whitehawkx Merge "Fix race condition in backlight adjustment." into jb-mr1 cf07630
Gergely Szell sethyx Merge "Fix potential deadlock between LockScreen and WindowManagerSer…
…vice" into jb-mr1
Gergely Szell sethyx Merge "It helps to catch the right exception." into jb-mr1 0f76550
bmc08gt SystemUI: Add LongClick to FastCharge Toggle
LongClick takes you to PerformanceControl

Change-Id: I6f4de9bccb99a471ab8cf35144be8cc1235a8e70
Signed-off-by: bmc08gt <>
Commits on Apr 07, 2013
Roman Birg romanbb services: don't clear wallpaper when SystemUI

When we restart SystemUI (or the user), sometimes
the wallpaper would get cleared. This patch just
captures its originating component and
if that is our SystemUI component, ignore the event.

Change-Id: I3e159dc2c013e7d7e552e3c0cef55e3ab970ca87
Signed-off-by: Roman Birg <>
Commits on Apr 09, 2013
dhacker29 dhacker29 Allow USB notification to show when primary SD allows UMS and MTP
Previously if primary SD is set to allowMassStorage="true" the USB
dialog would never show.  This checks if persist.sys.usb.config is
set to mtp,adb and then allows the USB notification to show. With
this you can then have the option to select from MTP, PTP and Mass
storage when clicking the pull down notification. When Mass Storage
is selected it activates the USB connected dialog to turn on USB
storage. When set back to MTP the USB connected notification disappears.

Change-Id: I2287075ec93cae75f19e8fb59965d9dddb234aca
Gergely Szell sethyx Merge "Allow USB notification to show when primary SD allows UMS and …
…MTP" into jb-mr1
Gergely Szell sethyx Merge "SystemUI: Add LongClick to FastCharge Toggle" into jb-mr1 b4166bc
Gergely Szell sethyx Merge "SystemUI: Bring some Swagger Back" into jb-mr1 f918a8a
Commits on Apr 13, 2013
Bruno Randolf br101 Wifi: Get the list of supported channels
Get the list of supported channels/frequencies from wpa_supplicant and provide
them thru WifiManager.getSupportedChannels();

One channel is represented thru the class WifiChannel which includes channel
number, frequency in MHz and a flag if IBSS mode is allowed on this channel.

Like isIbssSupported() we can only expect a result after WIFI_STATE_ENABLED has
been reached.

Change-Id: I9fc34642b9a0047f6871b180a3a7a69d47b7e2ff
thoemy thoemy wifi: Fix StringIndexOutOfBoundsException for incorrectly encoded SSIDs
If the last character of a SSID is a unescaped backslash then WifiSsid
convertToBytes() will throw a StringIndexOutOfBoundsException and takes the
whole ROM down.

The issue was reported by andreip in the HTC One X XDA thread. His SSID was
set to "/ Andrew \".

04-10 21:33:54.265 E/AndroidRuntime(10479): *** FATAL EXCEPTION IN SYSTEM PROCESS: WifiStateMachine
04-10 21:33:54.265 E/AndroidRuntime(10479): java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: length=10; index=10
04-10 21:33:54.265 E/AndroidRuntime(10479):     at
04-10 21:33:54.265 E/AndroidRuntime(10479):     at
04-10 21:33:54.265 E/AndroidRuntime(10479):     at
04-10 21:33:54.265 E/AndroidRuntime(10479):     at$7100(
04-10 21:33:54.265 E/AndroidRuntime(10479):     at$SupplicantStartedState.processMessage(
04-10 21:33:54.265 E/AndroidRuntime(10479):     at$SmHandler.processMsg(
04-10 21:33:54.265 E/AndroidRuntime(10479):     at$SmHandler.handleMessage(
04-10 21:33:54.265 E/AndroidRuntime(10479):     at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(
04-10 21:33:54.265 E/AndroidRuntime(10479):     at android.os.Looper.loop(
04-10 21:33:54.265 E/AndroidRuntime(10479):     at

Change-Id: I8273decacfffea4e4cae3bb957c925833dab09e2
Kenny Root kruton Correct executable bit for source files
Many media files and source code files were marked as executable in Git.
Remove those.

Also a shell script and python script were not marked as executable.

Change-Id: Ieb51bafb46c895a21d2e83696f5a901ba752b2c5
Signed-off-by: Chirayu Desai <>
Pawit Pornkitprasan pawitp SystemUI: fix memory leaks
ContentObservers are being registered without being unregistered,
causing old objects not to be garbage collected. This causes memory
leak if the classes are destroyed and recreated throughout the
device's uptime.

SearchPanelView is recreated every time the screen is turned on.
StatusBarIconView is created every time a notification is triggered.

Change-Id: Iabd3221fc2b0c848396af1790fd09424be602e7e

Commits on Apr 14, 2013
Mike Wilson Zaphod-Beeblebrox Fix Tablet UI WiFi Text
If custom carrier label was selected, it was overwriting the
wifi SSID display on Tablet Notification Title.

Change-Id: Iab647759d64c47ec47c9a093be36e58e7cbdd345
Signed-off-by: Zaphod <>
Mike Wilson Zaphod-Beeblebrox Fix TabUI Notification icon layout.
Notifications were getting cut-off on bottom when System bar

Change-Id: I8268aa21ec0ca1c1601940f3f2c09b8eed9d47b8
Signed-off-by: Zaphod <>
Mike Wilson Zaphod-Beeblebrox FW: Fix AwesomeAction constants
Fixes 3 'Blank' entries in NavBar/Custom Toggle actions.
This was due to someone (SteveSpear!! :))  Adding actions
to the AwesomeActions variables without putting appropriate
string & drawable returns.

Change-Id: I8d12808337152b6010be6deb9a7d8984e6980a05
Signed-off-by: Zaphod <>
Timduru Fix Photosphere/Camera FCs
Photosphere is setting a few parameters "blindly"
while the API says it should check the device capabilities first.
On TF101 the camera HAL doesn't handle FLASH_MODE & SCENE_MODE
and so it sends the required RuntimeException for these which makes PS to FC

=> check device capabilities & ignore these 2 parameters if the device doesn't support them.

Change-Id: I4848f6f144c5b1f56238b7d3893020483f434dbd
Gergely Szell sethyx Merge "SystemUI: fix memory leaks" into jb-mr1 f95d9d5
Mike Wilson Zaphod-Beeblebrox FW : Screen Sizing for TabUI when HiddenNav Enabled
Hidden Nav is not available to Tablets, but it could be
selected in RC for Phablet/Phone.  If UI then switched
to Tablet, PhoneWindowManager was calculating window sizes
as if NavHide was on.

Change-Id: Ib700fc944dcfb0ad42e7c651ee415f539ed5d134
Signed-off-by: Zaphod <>
Gergely Szell (sethyx) SystemUI: partial revert of 3f72751, we already had the fix in Search…

Signed-off-by: Gergely Szell (sethyx) <>

Change-Id: I05d9b000638c9ea0083a8a95cb199811a89164b4
Mike Wilson Zaphod-Beeblebrox FW: Fix Potential FC on Hiding NavBar
If you touched/swiped the NavBar just as it was
trying to hide, you could get a FC.  This
catches those errors and just puts the status
back into hidden mode.

Change-Id: I03220d10d23b94716c28b748defcb39a525a2aa7
Signed-off-by: Zaphod <>
Gergely Szell sethyx Merge "Fix Photosphere/Camera FCs" into jb-mr1 ddb9132
Gergely Szell sethyx Merge "Fix Tablet UI WiFi Text" into jb-mr1 08923f0
Gergely Szell sethyx Merge "Fix TabUI Notification icon layout." into jb-mr1 493de94
Gergely Szell sethyx Merge "FW: Fix AwesomeAction constants" into jb-mr1 9acfd57
Roman Birg romanbb SystemUI: animate transparency changes
Change-Id: I597b245b2d98ae42118efc1ba7ccb837edfdbea9
Signed-off-by: Roman Birg <>
Rohan Mathur mathur Remove trailing tab
Change-Id: I5b715bd014db2b82395c7a3cd91f7381c83667e7
blunden blunden SystemUI: Make the HSPA+ drawables more consistent with the HSPA draw…

Though the older HSPA+ drawables are sharper, that makes them look
out of place in comparison with the HSPA drawables.

Change-Id: I76313ae0125b3a8fda928b240f33715e48f77867
Khas'Mek KhasMek Merge "SystemUI: animate transparency changes" into jb-mr1 f548c19
Jonathan Steadman Whitehawkx Merge "SystemUI: Make the HSPA+ drawables more consistent with the HS…
…PA drawables" into jb-mr1
Commits on Apr 15, 2013
Steve Spear Stevespear426 SystemUI: Fix blank Navring on boot,
Need to setDrawables peeps....


Change-Id: I17b9d1f3652e9dbbb75d4106c6197aaaae35c09e
Gergely Szell sethyx Merge "FW : Screen Sizing for TabUI when HiddenNav Enabled" into jb-mr1 e2c5042
Gergely Szell sethyx Merge "FW: Fix Potential FC on Hiding NavBar" into jb-mr1 67cebbd
Gergely Szell sethyx Merge "SystemUI: Fix blank Navring on boot," into jb-mr1 4aca437
rdgate rdgate Update Japanese translation
- Add missing translations

Change-Id: I26cfddb03f8078ed41fce5c262e6b5a58671eed5
Signed-off-by: rdgate <>
Mike Wilson Zaphod-Beeblebrox FW: Bring Transparency to Tablet UI {WIP}
This will enable Transparency settings in TabletUI. 

Also this will fix some quirks introduced by the fading transparency changes.

Change-Id: I89b4e97f70af2e9ef5245524c7bd765293ef044b
Signed-off-by: Zaphod <>
Roman Birg romanbb Merge "FW: Bring Transparency to Tablet UI {WIP}" into jb-mr1 10d7724
Khas'Mek KhasMek Merge "Update Japanese translation" into jb-mr1 6c7928f
Gergely Szell sethyx Fix Signal toggle layout
Change-Id: I56c298a7e2ce326e8bfacd1aa2702466a2f4cefc
Signed-off-by: sethyx <>
Roman Birg romanbb SystemUI: filter certain toggles
PS2: Also add wifi tether filter based on telephony

Change-Id: I8523ebc78d2d6f0ffdb44ad917cfabd94c9806b6
Signed-off-by: Roman Birg <>
Commits on Apr 16, 2013
Roman Birg romanbb Merge "SystemUI: filter certain toggles" into jb-mr1 cb7a8af
Commits on Apr 17, 2013
Roman Birg romanbb SystemUI: RAM bar view optimizations
findViewById() was being called every time updateSettings()
was being called. Instead, let's instantiate them once, and 
remove calls to updateSettings() since it will be called 
on its own when the setting values change.

Change-Id: Iaa02343caccb615921219be2a56b3bac4f3263b9
Signed-off-by: Roman Birg <>
Roman Birg romanbb SystemUI: fix recents minimization animation
Splitting up the buttons into each class is cute, 
but it only seemed to complicate its interactions. 
The instantiation was wrong before anyways and 
onTouchListener was never being registered 
(which is why the animation was wonky).

Change-Id: I4194569aaf0099754852d5cfb83f308f3271008b
Signed-off-by: Roman Birg <>
Commits on Apr 18, 2013
Steve Spear Stevespear426 FW: Settings.system get and put arraylist methods
Change-Id: I304b324d48832e18a9468308cffee41f4d1114cd
Signed-off-by: Stevespear426 <>
Commits on Apr 19, 2013
YULIANGMAX YULIANGMAX Updated simplified Chinese translations
Change-Id: I1405784a576ccf0ad1b1460a41933b3b188376d0
Khas'Mek KhasMek Merge "SystemUI: RAM bar view optimizations" into jb-mr1 7d389b9
bmc08gt Battery: Solid green when battery is full and introduce 4th stage
* Solid green when battery is full
* Introduce 4th step in colors which includes 69-99%
	 0-14: red
	15-69: orange
	70-99: yellow
          100: solid green

Change-Id: I24af9bb012744ea15d411c2aa42afe9388f2a97e
Signed-off-by: bmc08gt <>
Commits on Apr 20, 2013
Steve Spear Stevespear426 Revert "Workaround until gps can be fixed, force gps to stay in stand…
…alone mode when ro.agps.allow=false"

This reverts commit 15ca779

Change-Id: I94eefa844c9c2b2cbfbcd009ad423242477f4183
Steve Spear Stevespear426 Merge "FW: Settings.system get and put arraylist methods" into jb-mr1 23543b1
Gergely Szell sethyx Merge "Battery: Solid green when battery is full and introduce 4th st…
…age" into jb-mr1
Steve Spear Stevespear426 FW: Method for exluding options from navbar.
Change-Id: Icd6d51fe95a2dabd20c7c138d0b31159d4cd78ff
Signed-off-by: Stevespear426 <>
Jonathan Steadman Whitehawkx Merge "Updated simplified Chinese translations" into jb-mr1 447dadb
Commits on Apr 21, 2013
Steve Spear Stevespear426 Policy: Lockscreen Targets Unlock speed update
Fixes lag on the classic lockscreen targets and sets up a broadcast
receiver to use those methods from outside of policy like navring
example this commit and the future AOKP Ribbon.

Change-Id: Ia0735aa26a4cd1a2c95d0860992837daf5cacf6d
Steve Spear Stevespear426 FW: AOKP Ribbon
This creates a series of options for shortcuts in a few places

The AOKP Swipe ribbon
Lockscreen ribbon
Notifications ribbon
Quick Settings ribbon

Options for Long Press, Icons size, Custom Icons,
  Text on and off, Text color, and options for
  Swipe ribbon color and Opacity.

Change-Id: I6bfb541801bd428b5eee06ef1c3f7d23ef7eeede
Steve Spear Stevespear426 Merge "FW: Method for exluding options from navbar." into jb-mr1 81c0d3c
Petr Řezníček kecinzer FW: Updated czech translation for Ribbon
Change-Id: I0b00a2621676c421d822af55449459c75d403150
Signed-off-by: kecinzer <>
Commits on Apr 22, 2013
bmc08gt SystemUI: StayAwake Toggle
Instead of overcomplicating toggle, onLongClick simply takes the user to
Settings$DisplaySettingsActivity instead. onClick (on) sets screen timeout to
int MAX_VALUE(approx 24 days), and restores user value onClick (off).

** Icon Credit to Nitroz(Thanks a ton!)

Change-Id: Ifd2051b2a6e8235160713cad3b4385dbb6d66b8f
Signed-off-by: bmc08gt <>
Steve Spear Stevespear426 FX: NavRing fix longpress derp.
Change-Id: Icebb34612b65ff30e427f237780b366f94a9b24e
Signed-off-by: Stevespear426 <>
Commits on Apr 23, 2013
Steve Spear Stevespear426 FW: Ribbons Padding, Click options, autohide updates 1/2
Adjustable padding
vibrate on click optional
if no short action set use long action icon and
  dont set short click listener - long press only mode...
Autohide flakiness fixed
Don't unlock on torch

Change-Id: I45c9f29453220e80249300b66bb61d5a7afc784f
Commits on Apr 24, 2013
Mike Wilson Zaphod-Beeblebrox Fix NavBar & SystemBar sizing issues
PhoneWindowManager makes some decisions regarding
portrait & landscape based on screen sizes.  Since we poke
this routine everytime we change something on the NavBar, this
can result in PWN changing the orientation of the device.  This
was causing strange behavior in resizing of the NavBar & SystemBar.
It might also have been causing other strange orientation issues.

PS2:  Attempts to decode the actual device type based on the screen
   dimensions and the rotation at time of setInitialDisplaySize.
   This is needed because large tablets (that default to a landscape
   orientation, need to have the dimensions swapped)

PS3: Whitespace

ps 4: Restore the stock calculations for orientation, but restrict
    them to running only one time (at initial boot).  This will allow
    the normal detection routines to set up the proper rotation variables,
    but will not reset (and change them incorrectly) everytime we poke

Signed-off-by: Zaphod <>
Change-Id: Iaec0e8ba623f10bd0d4118b4d5a99a42ab0564f6
Mike Wilson Zaphod-Beeblebrox Dynamic glowScale adjustment and spacing of NavBar.
This adjust the Glowscale for the NavBar buttons based on
the number of buttons on the bar.  I also added spacer
views to the outer edges of the NavBar.  This helps alleviate
conditions where the glow was cut off on outer buttons (especially
in tablet UI).  It also makes the Glow more appropriately sized
as the number of buttons increase.

There are still some cases where an excess number of buttons,
and a small navbar percentage (TabUI) is going to create some
glow cut-off conditions.  That's just going to be unavoidable when
the user tries to squeeze it down that small.

ps 2: Adding the spacers now only occurs on TabUI.  This prevents
    major changes to the look/layout of buttons on Phone/Phablet,
    but still provides glow cutoff release for tablets, as they
    were the worst effected.
ps3 : adjust the size of the separators to not squeeze navbar too much

PS4 : whitespaces

Change-Id: Ic6d9deb4ae49c87251b8b258ff0f42da46910986
Signed-off-by: Zaphod <>
Gergely Szell sethyx Merge "Dynamic glowScale adjustment and spacing of NavBar." into jb-mr1 ae07bfc
Gergely Szell sethyx Merge "FW: Ribbons Padding, Click options, autohide updates 1/2" into…
… jb-mr1
Gergely Szell sethyx Merge "FX: NavRing fix longpress derp." into jb-mr1 336e0af
rdgate rdgate Update Japanese translation
- Add missing translations

Change-Id: Ib1951beaa15c658fd8bc3e70dc203d8f81fb3e71
Signed-off-by: rdgate <>
Commits on Apr 25, 2013
John Michelau Fix Watchdog HeartbeatHandler to run on correct thread
The HeartbeatHandler for the System Server Watchdog has been running
on the wrong thread due to a race condition in initialization.  It's
designed to run on ServerThread, so that it can catch lockups in the
main looper of the System Server.  It has been running on
ActivityManagerThread instead, so it does not detect lockups on the
ServerThread as it should.

ActivityManagerService is calling Watchdog.getInstance() before
ServerThread calls Watchdog.getInstance().init(), so the handler is
being bound to the ActivityManagerThread instead of the ServerThread.

Explicitly bind HeartbeatHandler to ServerThread, so that the Watchdog
catches lockups on this critical thread.

Change-Id: Iccb184ac3adb817feb86ed4ee0e50e443bf74636
Dirk Rettschlag MarcLandis Merge "Update Japanese translation" into jb-mr1 b91bb87
0xD34D 0xD34D Frameworks: Add Permissions Management to AOKP [3/4]
Allows the user to revoke individual permissions on a per app basis.  Adapted from
CM7 commits 949eb057d81da7cd0a79fc1fe9cc9c4d989d1c27 and 4a0a352b36b21d0d22713c232baccca84ce13a2d
to work with 4.2.2

Change-Id: Ibc7be45b88838a2fffaff80514e77702d330de0f
Signed-off-by: Rohan Mathur <>
Mike Wilson Zaphod-Beeblebrox FW - Restore Padding in NavBar Buttons.
In a prior patch to adjust NavBar glow I removed extra padding
that was inserted when there was only 3 buttons.  This caused
the NavBar to tighten up a bit on this case.  This restores
the previous condition of adding a little extra space when
only 3 buttons involved.

Change-Id: I9177cd7eaa795c3705f4e83362648aca992d2fe3
Signed-off-by: Zaphod <>
Steve Spear Stevespear426 xFW: Ribbons Colorize action icons, unlockmethod
Unlock method for if action should be unlock or not.

now torch, notification, and power shouldnt unlock.

Change-Id: Ic0978f145c8ad4f6f944cd603bfe744415d44561
Gergely Szell sethyx Merge "xFW: Ribbons Colorize action icons, unlockmethod" into jb-mr1 534e1cd
Commits on Apr 26, 2013
Petr Řezníček kecinzer FW: Updated czech translation
Change-Id: Ic98f996d996d9e9bc3cd141dc1ebb2bf9077c27d
Signed-off-by: kecinzer <>
Steve Spear Stevespear426 FW Ribbons Swipe ribbons seperated && logic adjust for navbar
If you have an enabled navbar weither by default or user seleted
the bottom ribbon has not been available. If the user manually
hides the navbar I will allwo them to use the bottom ribbon.
They can also long press the hidden navbar handle to get the
bottom ribbon.

This also makes the left right and bottom their own ribbons.

Change-Id: Icba9c4ec510149bef74382a3bf59fd79b3ef87c4
Commits on Apr 27, 2013
Steve Spear Stevespear426 FW: Navring ShouldUnlock method
Don't unlock for the ring options, and power

Change-Id: I7fa5bdfcc3c099477f87cd3cdd82a28e57a094a2
Signed-off-by: Stevespear426 <>
maniac103 maniac103 Add method to PowerManager that allows querying the lowest possible

Used by the auto-brightness adjustment to adjust the sliders.

Change-Id: Idb58fd86dee1a053fe858291be6c9b3169ac4247
Commits on Apr 29, 2013
Steve Spear Stevespear426 Merge "FW Ribbons Swipe ribbons seperated && logic adjust for navbar"…
… into jb-mr1
Commits on Apr 30, 2013
rdgate rdgate Update Japanese translation
Change-Id: I4cff44f0271ee6b5d943eecd06b6884dc73eb78b
Signed-off-by: rdgate <>
Gergely Szell (sethyx) Add turn off action to WiFi Tether notification
Change-Id: I320405ed7e90e4c06ecdb127cd4c1cad6bedbcdd
Signed-off-by: Gergely Szell (sethyx) <>
maxwen maxwen FW: settings: arrayList API rework
There is nothing wrong with the current implementation
it just requires some implicit knowledge about the internals
which should not be used for an API added at such a central

To reset the value back to "" you must know that setString
musst be used instead of providing just an empty list which
would be a more "logical" approach

With this the client code would also become easier cause
the check for size()>0 would not be longer required
e.g. in RibbonTargets

I would also suggest to change getArrayList so that it
returns an empty list for the case that the value is ""
instead of an list with size 1 and the single item ""

Allthough this would be a change in the API it would
make the API sync with the putArrayList and would also
be the more "logical" return value for this case

I think I have checked all current uses of getArrayList
and as far as I can see that change would have no impact
on the existing code. But please correct me if I am
wrong with this.

Change-Id: I58a34e1238fefbfe088252e785cfed3d8c3acf4b
Signed-off-by: maxwen <>
Commits on May 01, 2013
YULIANGMAX YULIANGMAX Updated simplified Chinese translations
Change-Id: Ia22d5926968f6346cd3070d2881e9a0e600708d5
Commits on May 02, 2013
Jubakuba Jubakuba Framework: CustomToggle Improvements (!Advanced)
Remove advanced Preference in favor of:
        If click = null, use longclick icon.
        This is all Advanced vs Basic was, really.
        User confusion might ensue, but ultimately,
        Exact same ability if you set click to null.
        This also clarifies the ShouldCollapse
        Preference through correlation of it not
        Collapsing on-click in basic.
        Also refresh Icons ondemand.

Change-Id: Ia56db7778c89bb38c5e77719e9fa47a9eef4c7eb
Gergely Szell (sethyx) Merge "Add turn off action to WiFi Tether notification" into jb-mr1 fd4c55f
Commits on May 03, 2013
Dirk Rettschlag MarcLandis SystemUI: More memory leak fixes
PS2: fix Clock FC

Change-Id: I0929786c33475bb471db90f757321502a19c8702
Signed-off-by: Dirk Rettschlag <>
Petr Řezníček kecinzer FW: Updated czech translation
Change-Id: Ib4c32e640ccc002e0d90b193c118867e861f01f7
Signed-off-by: kecinzer <>
rdgate rdgate Update Japanese translation
Change-Id: I4fecbc7b3c883fb80cef13850f10080462be426c
Signed-off-by: rdgate <>
Commits on May 04, 2013
YULIANGMAX YULIANGMAX Updated simplified Chinese translations
Change-Id: I60b948c5144c2069e687c2d453a237daff7bad47
Jonathan Steadman Whitehawkx Merge "FW: Navring ShouldUnlock method" into jb-mr1 7ed0acd
Jonathan Steadman Whitehawkx Merge "Fix NavBar & SystemBar sizing issues" into jb-mr1 e3e8600
Jonathan Steadman Whitehawkx Merge "Update Japanese translation" into jb-mr1 2c6a954
Jonathan Steadman Whitehawkx Merge "Updated simplified Chinese translations" into jb-mr1 8ecc478
Commits on May 05, 2013
Steve Kondik cyanogen camera: Add support for sending raw commands
 * Certain camera drivers need magic commands to select special modes
   such as ZSL or HDR. Add support for sending raw commands from

Change-Id: I512a765c7a67ffd2877e465cf6493ffc2b3b54ac
Steve Kondik cyanogen power: Add panel auto-brightness configuration
 * Some panel hardware requires that we twiddle some knobs in sysfs to
   enable proper display calibration (gamma, etc) when auto-brightness
   is enabled. Add a configuration value to handle this.

Change-Id: I3c793c3520fc6f9a18d5a3abf1fe0df803c5e580
Petr Řezníček kecinzer FW: Updated czech translation
Change-Id: I41afb45416b5844431b9ab2bdb7939485ec6613c
Signed-off-by: kecinzer <>
Steve Spear Stevespear426 FW: Ribbons - Long swipe App window.
Window similar to recents with all the users apps.
Options to control app color, background color, and
background opacity.

On touch listeners for targets and close button
Make dividers colorize with text.

Fixed animations make columns spacing work automagiclly

Change-Id: I6147dee1e97436f252a7dae349d1eff1d6e5dbf9
Commits on May 07, 2013
Khas'Mek KhasMek Merge "FW: Updated czech translation" into jb-mr1 12d765d
Roman Birg romanbb FW: include newest sounds first
Older ones are overriding new ones!

Change-Id: Ie900f66503076b89503a770cde674254dd163d3e
Signed-off-by: Roman Birg <>
Commits on May 09, 2013
Petr Řezníček kecinzer FW: Updated czech translation
Change-Id: I24b9b84a98b0f2f6db3ac20f4b58a67af6531491
Signed-off-by: kecinzer <>
Gergely Szell sethyx Merge "FW: include newest sounds first" into jb-mr1 57e2c77
amitkec123 amitkec123 FIX Null Pointer Exception on dialog cancel
Null Pointer Exception occurs because mWebViewCore instance
is made to null while calling destroyJava(). When
1.webview hosting activity goest to background, without calling webview onPause().
2. If app is launched again (having launchmode:singletask ) and another activity (not  webview hosting) comes on top top.
3. It destorys the previous activity holding webview which internally tries to cancel the dialog, but webviewcore instance is null.
Null pointer exception is raised.

Change-Id: Idbcd30d0b0d4a35819444bbaa5c73cced8bb35a3
Signed-off-by: Amit Kumar <>
Jonathan Steadman Whitehawkx Merge "FW: Updated czech translation" into jb-mr1 3557dd9
Steve Spear Stevespear426 FW: Ribbon - Toggles
Fix for some toggles not getting set properly
fix user toggle fc
fix some toggles hieght being HUGE

respect users click vib setting.

respect ribbon padding

sync custom toggle if in multiple places

fix theme issues.

Fixed Icon from Nitroz

Change-Id: Ia225e822485b715e6daddeb7b62e232e72db5e36
Commits on May 10, 2013
Jonathan Steadman Whitehawkx Merge "FIX Null Pointer Exception on dialog cancel" into jb-mr1 65a4c70
Nils Holmström Fix NPE when pasting non-text from Clipboard
When copying a link from a bookmark and then pasting it into
a textfield a NullPointerException will occur.
A ClipData.Item is not guaranteed to always contain a text string
and therefore getText() can be set to null.

Using method coerceToText() instead of getText() makes sure that
a text string is always returned.

Change-Id: I81343c0371835a3a7a52045dcd1760e69e59a967
Peter Nilsson Can not mark the same content of browser page after copy
Marking a text on the web page and then press copy works,
but trying to mark the same text again does not work.
The reason for this is that the selection never gets
cleared in webkit.
The fix, calling cleaSelection in the onDestroyActionMode.
Also added clearSelection when getting an

Change-Id: I59b384cb5441b6a3a05007ea7e77f9699889a87c
Roger Chen cxr514033970 Audio continue to played even if paused manually
Currently, audio will resume playing after a phone call
or notification even if the user had manually paused playback.

This patch addresses that by introducing a new player state
to distinguish the user pausing playback and the browser
losing audio focus for some other reason. Audio will only
 resume if the browser temporarily lost audio focus and
not when the user has manually paused playback.

Change-Id: I9e8beaedb0fcc5afe920068297ed9c387eab2ac8
Signed-off-by: Roger Chen <>
Steve Spear Stevespear426 Merge "FW: Ribbon - Toggles" into jb-mr1 cb0c58d
bmc08gt SystemUI: WirelessADB Toggle
* Allow, when connected to WiFi, the utilization of the android debug bridge.
* When enabled, the label will show the current WiFi's IP address.

Change-Id: Ib87d4d70106bde14bf927f615edfb62af464be83
Signed-off-by: bmc08gt <>
Steve Spear Stevespear426 FW: Navring Spen pull arrays from AwesomeConstant
Use method of pulling arrays opposed to having to update
the arrays in RC. These will automaticlly pull new awesome
actions in.

Change-Id: I56f9e31db4d13a1589003e2d082239b4fff4294b
Signed-off-by: Stevespear426 <>
Jonathan Steadman Whitehawkx Revert "Can not mark the same content of browser page after copy"
This reverts commit 660f4ae

Change-Id: I7d601db85ce74ed61d07265ac3ff461b2ca941e9
Jonathan Steadman Whitehawkx Merge "Revert "Can not mark the same content of browser page after co…
…py"" into jb-mr1
Commits on May 11, 2013
rdgate rdgate Update Japanese translation
Change-Id: I2ff6e932483393ac2c1d3b7384f7b10656778156
Signed-off-by: rdgate <>
Gergely Szell (sethyx) Fix WirelessADB Toggle & build
Change-Id: I4d53a372e525fead4e34cb4c1405a710e22f2543
Signed-off-by: Gergely Szell (sethyx) <>
kufikugel kufikugel Squash Dark UI commits from Slim
Frameworks: Add new configuration qualifier for UI change on the fly (1/3)

last night I got an idea after 5 weeks of breaking stuff and
doing to much complicated things. Together with mnazim we tried
today to realize this idea. So another absolut new unique SlimBean
feature is born.

The aim we wanted at the end was to give a simple and resource friendly
way to change the complete UI of a rom on the fly. So why not use
the great fallback mechanism of AOSP and change/add a new
qualifier into the AOSP core. To explain how it works.....if you want
to add a new UI just add in /res folder of any app or framework you want
folders with the qualifier "inverted". Eg. drawable-inverted-xhdpi
or values-inverted or layout-port-inverted or whatever you want. Put in
only the files you want to modify thats it.

All qualifier in AOSP are following strict rules. You can read here.
Do not forget the order of qualifier is important. The new "inverted"
qualifier we added to the UIMode qualifier. To get more information
about read here

So what this commit does:

- add new qualifier "inverted"
- support for API level 13 and higher
- change the custom UI on the fly
- control default UI Mode over config.xml
- working for all apps. They just need to include folders
  with the new qualifier name
- resource resource wasting either programmticaly
  then source blow, because you just need to put in the files you
  want to change
- cause of the qualifier structure compatible with every phone,
  language or whatever qualifier you want to use on top
- 100% compatible to theme manager. If a theme misses drawables
  they are replaced with them from the current UIMode which is set.

What is the benefit why not use just a theme? We started half year
ago TRDS which was inverted gapps system base themed....means we
morphed directly the changes into the framework. This methoed was
on of the reasons why trds got so popular. Points for that are easy
first the system is themed, means each theme you activate over
theme engine works on top the themed system. So you have a base
style and can modify more if you want. The other reason is easy
a lot faster and resource friendly. Now this idea went to the
rom to provide two core system based themes and user
can do on top what they want or not without, like you have
to roms in one.

This commit just adds the support for this


mnazim and kufikugel

Change-Id: I1ef843a42d17246373eb17b4e1ec1aa9bc20d8d4


Frameworks: TRDS goes Slim

add trds changed files to provide new UI mode engine

Change-Id: I67f8a26320c9971258eb0106c0574b5af9b4261c

Frameworks: TRDS new qualifier push up qualifier number (1/2)

Hey guys,

after this feature is working really well and a lot roms kanged
it we got a hint to change one thing which is indeed a good
idea to have less problems on AOSP updates and tools like
Apktool can provide us better without doing major changes every
AOSP update.

We pushed the number up to 69.....should be enough for
next years.

Please note for the one who are using our gapps at the moment
this will break actuall gapps till we published the new one
which will be end this week as usual.

After that we will begin to publish the apktool after we had
now enough tests....and who knows maybe the "official" Apktool
will provide us all now. So all in all a good time to change
the qualifier now before it is getting more and more
popular (we saw that first themes are providing us)



Change-Id: Ie1aeab38420cb825f6f7c1d0a5220a8bb55fc4c3
Commits on May 12, 2013
Jonathan Steadman Whitehawkx Merge "Update Japanese translation" into jb-mr1 f93a482
Jubakuba Jubakuba StayAwake Toggle : Avoid Loss of User Setting
Should disable the tendency to revert to 30
        second timeout if SystemUI dies
        while stayawake is enabled

PS2: Fix
PS5: Dependency
Change-Id: I42e0edb96eeccce690481df1a0cd6e4767ac486e
Steve Spear Stevespear426 FW: Ribbon Fix swipe ribbon and toggles for TabletUI
Change-Id: I06408c0025001a7436342115c07055514bb3fd8c
Signed-off-by: Stevespear426 <>
Jonathan Steadman Whitehawkx Merge "Audio continue to played even if paused manually" into jb-mr1 252c8a9
Jonathan Steadman Whitehawkx Merge "StayAwake Toggle : Avoid Loss of User Setting" into jb-mr1 1dbb813
Commits on May 14, 2013
Dirk Rettschlag MarcLandis Toggles: resize bitmap in UserToggle
This will resize the bitmap of the user to a reasonable size.

Before the bitmap would use almost 1mb in memory on my phone and
after the change it is now at 250kb.

Change-Id: I6b06cc97b1c94edeb307777a9479e3abc119777e
Signed-off-by: Dirk Rettschlag <>
Jonathan Steadman Whitehawkx Merge "FW: Navring Spen pull arrays from AwesomeConstant" into jb-mr1 970a63a
Gergely Szell sethyx Merge "Squash Dark UI commits from Slim" into jb-mr1 293ce34
Khas'Mek KhasMek Merge "SystemUI: More memory leak fixes" into jb-mr1 6cf55a4
Commits on May 16, 2013
Jubakuba Jubakuba Framework: Remove Needless Preference
PS2: Missed Line
PS3: Further Settings Clarification:
        If Reverse/State_one double
        click action: launch action
        long/short (they can still
        choose "skip" if they don't
        want to launch anything).
Change-Id: Ie220b7eb2c16d0ce81c444eea5936c681ea55a9a
Commits on May 17, 2013
Petr Řezníček kecinzer Navbar buttons spacing for Phablet UI
This patch trys to make spaces in navbar buttons to fit Google behaviour
for tablets (Nexus 7, Nexus 10).

PS2: Better values after some testing on Nexus 7
PS3: Previous solution isn't good

Change-Id: I1ea9c883c519641fd99a033a54a1dc29fd9d57bd
Signed-off-by: kecinzer <>
Commits on May 19, 2013
YULIANGMAX YULIANGMAX Updated simplified Chinese translations
Change-Id: Ia3cf8dfc55ce1a69a1b04de05fa43fa5fa061a8e
Dirk Rettschlag MarcLandis LockScreen: Fix crash when unlocking twice
This will keep track if the BroadCastReceiver is registered and
will unregister it only if so.

Change-Id: I040d710cf0927394f36b2e3da251ac5a988ce1d6
Signed-off-by: Dirk Rettschlag <>
Commits on May 21, 2013
Sar Castillo sarcastillo Smooth Spinners: Makes the loading "spinner" animation smoother in no…
…n-holo apps

The loading "spinner" animation is quite jerky by default when the progress xml's from
drawable are called in applications that don't use the holo progress animation. The holo
"spinner" animation is already smooth by default. This makes every other "spinner"
animation smooth.

We've been changing this value in all ROM's we release, both AOSP and CM based ones
as well as stock ROM's, since it gives a more polished look to the entire system. In the past
3 years we've been using this small tweak we have not noticed anything that would
adversely affect battery life or system operations as a whole.

Signed-off-by: Sar Castillo <>
Commits on May 22, 2013
Roman Birg romanbb Merge "LockScreen: Fix crash when unlocking twice" into jb-mr1 8b32026
Roman Birg romanbb Merge "Framework: Remove Needless Preference" into jb-mr1 877c2cf
Commits on May 23, 2013
Dirk Rettschlag MarcLandis Translation: import russian translation from
Change-Id: I2e0ab5ff1285a5bc3d635db44d3d3bce94db87e5
Signed-off-by: Dirk Rettschlag <>
Gergely Szell sethyx Merge "Smooth Spinners: Makes the loading "spinner" animation smoothe…
…r in non-holo apps" into jb-mr1
matt73300 matt73300 Frameworks & SystemUI - additional DC-HSPAP support
This commit adds some more informations about Dual-Carrier HSPAP
It allows displaying a "DC" icon on status bar for compatible devices
and add a "DCHSPAP" value in state phone
patch 1: add TelephonyManager to fix build
patch 2: modify ServiceState
patch 3: switch to cm_strings
patch 4: fix a mistake
patch 5: upload a new set of icons, a bit prettier than previous
patch 6: update icons (more opacity to match colors)
patch 7: removed drawable-sw*

here is a screenshot for example:,PSyHoqC

Change-Id: I77d05e23c8ad3efdfeb19cf06ed92e7c57105ebe
Chirayu Desai chirayudesai TelephonyManager: hide NETWORK_TYPE_DCHSPAP
Change-Id: I77e6d537d5ebbe67bac26c6ef6d0dda498640ca0
Steve Spear Stevespear426 FW: Ribbon v1.0 overhaul
Thickness Increase max && decrease min
Configurable long swipe and long press swipe areas

consolidate and cache views for smoother animations
User adjustable animantion duration

Add dismiss options for swipe ribbon
 - Always dismiss on click
 - never dismiss on click
 - Don't dismiss for navbar action

fix app window crash if user has fast fingers and to much time
  on their hands...

Swipe ribbon drag handles now get their own location, height,
   width, and opacity.

Hide apps from app window
Hooks to dismiss app window if softkeys or navbar buttons pressed

Fix app window to pull all components also IE camera and messenger.

Rub some unicorn polish on the on touch glow. The giant boxes were
a bit ridiculous.

If ribbon is empty but toogles are not, just show toggles no flipper.

add adb wireless to toggle map

Phase 1 of the Animation chooser. Simple helpers to let users
choose the animation for the swipe ribbon and app window.
ill be adding some fancier animations for now just some of
the stock AOSP one.

Add lots o animation options. Also preload animations instead
of creating them at run time, should smooth things out a bit.

Keyboard IME hide, Vertical spacing App window, Cache resources.

Fix IME hide when navbar hidden.

Longpress on app window now takes you to app info.

Change-Id: I7c59fc915473fe320639eda446a735dee8500efa
Dirk Rettschlag MarcLandis Add transparency settings for lockscreen (2/2)
This will enable the user to set the transparency level
for the lockscreen.

Change-Id: I624b2e136432bb0effceac9f7d41c78c65d22125
Signed-off-by: Dirk Rettschlag <>
Dirk Rettschlag MarcLandis Merge "Translation: import russian translation from" into…
… jb-mr1
Commits on May 24, 2013
slickrick slickrick Small typos
Change-Id: Ic84f4c6facf7f30f2a67641140333cbe6dda5b12
Petr Řezníček kecinzer Updated czech translation
Hell yeah baby weekend on my radar :))

Change-Id: I4c59993b53adabf197270754dab60dbf75128e8a
Signed-off-by: kecinzer <>
Jubakuba Jubakuba FavoriteToggle: DismissKeyguard
Small Fix

PS2: Another Small Fix (insta-swag)

Change-Id: I8c854ef63b111ed702a42746f5ed22893620e1b7
Jonathan Steadman Whitehawkx SystemUI: show blue dc-hspap icon when connected to Google services
*also fixed some tabs

Change-Id: I6f9910978a38622eb76758d2b806a1cc49d02496
Signed-off-by: Jonathan Steadman <>
Commits on May 25, 2013
rdgate rdgate Frameworks: Update Japanese translation
Change-Id: Ie416212dc1eff7cf43b9334eff9b2500be0d2523
Signed-off-by: rdgate <>
Jonathan Steadman Whitehawkx Merge "Frameworks: Update Japanese translation" into jb-mr1 7d1995b
Jonathan Steadman Whitehawkx Merge "Updated czech translation" into jb-mr1 4dfd1d5
Commits on May 26, 2013
Andrew Yelder Remove opaque check in preparing dirty region
Since preserve swap is enabled, we need to clear the color buffer
when the scissor rect is prepared for a new process. This prevents
garbage being present from the previous process in the color buffer.

CRs-Fixed: 465346
Change-Id: I98f2009748244751c4b56af8afbdfeb645c13230
Commits on May 27, 2013
Chad0989 Chad0989 hwui: This code should only be enabled with QCOM_BSP
This brings back Change-Id: I1a06ac54a8ce2dccbf4a67424b0cbb6e7dd21e8b

Change-Id: I253884b15f52f403efcc46e66bc93cf85e91c82d
Commits on May 28, 2013
maniac103 maniac103 Improve auto-brightness handling
- Add a setting to control the auto-brightness algorithm responsitivity
- Make the algorithm react much faster when the ambient brightness
  increases quickly, e.g. when receiving a call in bright sunlight.

Change-Id: Ic608901c476609dde69cae982228c09567140a83
Commits on May 29, 2013
Mike Wilson Zaphod-Beeblebrox FW : Allow user selection of Font Size
ps 1:  This re-structures a lot of the way icons & layouts are sized.
It allows System Icons, Notification Icons, etc. to scale according
to the size of the statusbar.  StatusBar now sizes itself based on
the height of the Font (which is user selectable in RC).

This needs a lot of testing, as I've made substantial changes to the
way the Statusbar.  Also, While everything is 'working', the alignment
of the Textviews alludes me.  All textviews are being aligned at the bottom
of the StatusBar rather than centering like they should.

PS 2:  Fix the issue with StatusBar robbing touches at boot.
Fixed windowing size update in PhoneWindowManager.
Some of the icons still don't scale exactly right,
and of course the TextViews continue to taunt me.

ps 3: Re write some of the scaling of images and add some padding.
   Create a StatusBarHelpers sub in core.util.aokp for re-using some routines.

ps 4:  Solved initial sizing issue (at boot or change) and everything
	seems to be aligned properly.
	Note that icons will only scale up to their source size.  So
	themes that provide HQ/large icons can benefit from larger
	font sizes, but some themes (including stock/system) will
	show increases in fonts and Notification Icons, but not
	the SystemIcons (right side)

ps 5: Adjust layout to elimination notification cutoff

ps 6:  Really fix layout this time.
ps 7: add some padding between notification icons
ps 8: adjust statusbar padding to try to remove small line when no
      Font has been set.
ps 9:  Add some padding below notifications.
ps 10:  Fix notification overlays and tweak notification paddings.
ps 11:  A few more refinements in sizing
ps 12..15 : more dynamic scaling & padding adjustments
ps 16: set scaling as close to Stock as I can get it.  Fix scaling of
	notification background on smaller sizes
ps 17: Set system icon widths so that scaling looks more natural.
	re-aligned signal text/wifi text.
ps 18: Use correct default font size for text
ps 19:  Re-do logic for font size on ticker text.

Change-Id: I5f9e99930210d3d91cda3ef167ad42993c261816
Signed-off-by: Zaphod <>
Jens Doll jdoll Reduce observers in SystemUI: StatusBarIconView
Currently, for each status bar icon view there is a observer that
listens for changes of STATUS_BAR_NOTIF_COUNT. With one
notification usually having one or more status bar icons
you may end up easily with 10+ more observers for ~5 notifications.

With this commit the internal observer class becomes a singleton.
This means there is now only one observer for all status bar icons
and additional binder calls on new notification are avoided.

See "dumpsys content"

Change-Id: I7ca6481fe43e87c34b19d7b71e531cce93cf80ef
Commits on May 31, 2013
Dirk Rettschlag MarcLandis Reduce observers in SystemUI: KeyButtonView
This is based on the work by Jens Doll for the StatusBarIconView

The ContentObserver class will be a singleton, so there is only
one observer for all buttons.

On my Nexus 10 it reduced the observer count from 48 to 4.

Change-Id: I3223a18fcb5d2c9c2e7de655c514ff751dcd345d
Signed-off-by: Dirk Rettschlag <>
Dirk Rettschlag MarcLandis Reduce observers in SystemUI: BatteryBarController
This is based on the work by Jens Doll for the StatusBarIconView

The ContentObserver class will be a singleton, so there is only
one observer for all instances.

On my Nexus 10 it reduced the observer count from 15 to 3

Change-Id: Ibdd6fca75e5f0245b2897c9d5aebb5a0961cc351
Signed-off-by: Dirk Rettschlag <>
Jonathan Steadman Whitehawkx Merge "hwui: This code should only be enabled with QCOM_BSP" into jb-mr1 ce3148e
kufikugel kufikugel Frameworks: TRDS 2.0 (1/3)
After testing with huge success we discovered here
and there small problems (like NFC beam animation is broken,
TRDS was disabled on cardock etc) which mainly was caused
due that we used the already from AOSP introduced uiModes
qualifier which could cause in special conditions this
conflicts. Beside that we want a bit more flexibility.

Result: This commit introduces the inverted qualifier as
complete own qualifier undependent of the already AOSP
used ones.

Beside that it fixes all known issues......features:

- it is now completly working over the AOSP Configuration classes
  Means every app get notice of a change trough onConfiguratioChange
  and restarts it's activity if change was detected.
- app can disable that like some other configuration values
  over AndroidMainfest.xml
- beside "inverted" folder another "notinverted" folder is introduced
  for another themeing (eg white)
- qualifier order is direct before the official uiMode qualifiers
  (see AOSP docs)
- All usual Configuration actions can be used with the inverted BroadcastChange, direct read out from every
  app etc. etc. Note: Only system can change the uiInvertedMode

So as you see a real own qualifier now

NOTE: Apktool as well aapt need to be changed to fit the "new
qualifier"....which means that we need to recompile our gapps
that they react as well on this new behaviour. Think we will get them ready
next 2 or 3 days.

increase support from SDK_HONEYCOMB_MR2
to FROYO to have better compatibillity
to some gapps.

Change-Id: I851740010198c400266d7ca9995eb08dbf7782bc

Dirk Rettschlag MarcLandis Merge "Navbar buttons spacing for Phablet UI" into jb-mr1 4879547
Commits on Jun 01, 2013
YULIANGMAX YULIANGMAX Updated simplified Chinese translations
Change-Id: I1d35591358fe66b5aee843d6601e9ae6b344ff51
Jonathan Steadman Whitehawkx Revert "hwui: This code should only be enabled with QCOM_BSP"
This reverts commit 264091b

Change-Id: I1682ee8d2aa16a2c9353c4e7542eb3f5a06bf96b
Gergely Szell sethyx Merge "Reduce observers in SystemUI: BatteryBarController" into jb-mr1 9a2932a
Gergely Szell sethyx Merge "Reduce observers in SystemUI: KeyButtonView" into jb-mr1 9273a9f
Jubakuba Jubakuba Framework: GlowPad Torch
LongPress GlowPad...Torch.
Release...No Torch.

Magical Unicorn Dust Not Included
With Your Purchase

checkTorch required for RARE torches not being released.

Change-Id: I1e5178822efb10f205d30d059af78ebeba6f39a7
Jonathan Steadman Whitehawkx Merge "Revert "hwui: This code should only be enabled with QCOM_BSP""…
… into jb-mr1
Jonathan Steadman Whitehawkx Revert "FW : Allow user selection of Font Size"
This reverts commit 71c4ecd.

Change-Id: I91f11edc617b79717584d3fb5b3e9339deedc70b
Signed-off-by: Jonathan Steadman <>
Jubakuba Jubakuba ClockActions: Dismiss Keyguard
Kanging SteveSpear's Brilliant
    dismissal method here.
    Doesn't require an activity
    as ...OnNextActivity() does.

PS2: as well

Change-Id: I2e9a3d8e42f2cd2a41f954026d0e38fe40c5da67
Jonathan Steadman Whitehawkx Merge "FavoriteToggle: DismissKeyguard" into jb-mr1 23389c0
Mike Wilson Zaphod-Beeblebrox FW: Bring Autohide to SystemBar (1/2)
AutoHide for SystemBar (TabUI)

ps 2:  Fix screen reset/calcs in PWM

Change-Id: I194d4e0d0343aac809bcee8b93a0ddd43341c64a
Signed-off-by: Zaphod <>
Magnus Karlsson Fixing crash in PhoneNumberUtils getNumberFromIntent
Handling intent with no data when trying to retrieve number from

Change-Id: If7c5930e7048aec732fb7a3fbeb3391e1408b071
Commits on Jun 02, 2013
Jubakuba Jubakuba Lockscreen Longpress: Unlock Logic
In my opinion, we should unlock after
    user removes their finger.
This matches short-press unlock better
    and allows the user to change their mind
    on a target (I do that a lot).
Added a vibration action on longpress
    being true.

Change-Id: Ife590119dbdf10474b9c62f252e7f5d6dfc87387
rholland80 rholland80 Add BAMF theme engine
Thanks to travp624 @ TeamBaked for originally porting this

Change-Id: I9dd9347ac62e3b1fb49a4562d84eb7b295cdc2b2
Gergely Szell sethyx Revert "Reduce observers in SystemUI: KeyButtonView"
Temporary revert. We will get back to you, observers.

This reverts commit 855f543

Change-Id: If612ee7ca947f5f00bd42d2d45205f50ba2f979d
Gergely Szell sethyx Merge "Revert "Reduce observers in SystemUI: KeyButtonView"" into jb-mr1 93348b9
Commits on Jun 03, 2013
Dirk Rettschlag MarcLandis Reduce observers in SystemUI: KeyButtonView
This is based on the work by Jens Doll for the StatusBarIconView

The ContentObserver class will be a singleton, so there is only
one observer for all buttons.

On my Nexus 10 it reduced the observer count from 48 to 4.

This version fixes the funky glow effect.

Change-Id: Ie242e3771c41f6010ac12246372107a2a3e165cd
Signed-off-by: Dirk Rettschlag <>
Dirk Rettschlag MarcLandis Fix BatteryBar showing on all 3 locations
Change-Id: Idbdd16ea5442b032119ce48d586b2207e8cf0281
Signed-off-by: Dirk Rettschlag <>
Commits on Jun 04, 2013
Giulio Cervera Kali- Telephony: Add DCHSPAP to getTcpBufferSizesPropName
Change-Id: I868f0eae2db6032b43e9c1a1bd23860ab7bbebca
Jubakuba Jubakuba GlowPad Torch: Screen Timeout
timeout < acceptable
Set to two minutes if you start torch

Change-Id: Ia04826860d7682ac33395ec5e0cc132d740fc887
Dirk Rettschlag MarcLandis Merge "Telephony: Add DCHSPAP to getTcpBufferSizesPropName" into jb-mr1 e9c9b96
Dirk Rettschlag MarcLandis Merge "Reduce observers in SystemUI: KeyButtonView" into jb-mr1 00992ae
Dirk Rettschlag MarcLandis Merge "Fix BatteryBar showing on all 3 locations" into jb-mr1 30e7178
Jubakuba Jubakuba Revert "GlowPad Torch: Screen Timeout"
This reverts commit 8cf5bce.
Jubakuba Jubakuba GlowPad Torch: No Screen Timeout
Should disable screen timeout if
    glowpad torch is on.

Change-Id: I32a0f7880b738ad9185e795d6cd828a0238d5f24
Commits on Jun 06, 2013
klasszsrac klasszsrac Updated Hungarian Translations
Change-Id: Ib539a148c1f1612176c4605fc1f833c281f6c502
klasszsrac klasszsrac Updated Hungarian Translations
Change-Id: I683a8fe2111b3823e47396ec3d50c16908d4bb61
Commits on Jun 09, 2013
Christian Beck Add missing ACTION_MEDIA_UNMOUNTED intent
When an SD card is removed without the user unmounting, the intent
ACTION_MEDIA_BAD_REMOVAL is fired but is missing the preceeding
ACTION_MEDIA_UNMOUNTED which is needed to keep UI consistency.

Now when bad media removal is detected an ACTION_MEDIA_UNMOUNTED
intent is sent before the ACTION_MEDIA_BAD_REMOVAL.

Change-Id: I133300f42bafab141351e796d7cfc13c15d133e0
Khas'Mek KhasMek Merge "Updated Hungarian Translations" into jb-mr1 5731b2d
Khas'Mek KhasMek Merge "Updated Hungarian Translations" into jb-mr1 a33c178
Commits on Jun 10, 2013
Jon Stanford JBirdVegas KeygaurdSelectorView: Unregister reciever in onPause
Also check if we already have a reciever instance before
creating a new instance

Patch Set 2: Refactor field reciever to mUnlockReciever
           : Add null check to Context#unregisterReciever
Patch Set 3: Add null check to Vibrator#vibrate(int);
Change-Id: Ie9b03b20da29d05a64293ef6b7931393c34796a2
Commits on Jun 11, 2013
Adam Powell Fix incorrect fragment animation used for hiding fragments
Mirror of support lib patch into

Change-Id: I8d1cb2e217721336674b8e3e2ef8722a8d9baefd
Commits on Jun 12, 2013
Gergely Szell (sethyx) Fix Lockscreen FC/reboot
PS2: register receiver in onResume()

Change-Id: If475f0750bbc408e727eb0d3cf532c936ad418e8
Signed-off-by: Gergely Szell (sethyx) <>
Commits on Jun 14, 2013
Jubakuba Jubakuba Frameworks: GlowPad Torch (NavRing)
Secure/Insecure can both use this one.

PS2: Derp
PS3: Swapping to ints for ONE setting
PS5: GlowPadTorchHelper
PS6: Don't initate if FaceUnlock Active
     (Camera in use)
PS7: Rebase
PS?: More CleanUP

Change-Id: Ic5df8ff74c52350fbad25a64671322fbd4f9a0f5
Jubakuba Jubakuba Framework: Collapse Shade TogglePref
Change-Id: I2fddec83602b284266631bdff722aa93a2d10c30
Jubakuba Jubakuba NavRing: Longpress Logic
Again, this matches shortpress logic.
    (And now matches longpress logic
    since this was merged on Lockscreen)

Vibrates on Longpress...
    Remove finger to launch.

Change-Id: Ia7f8bb2580643930511fd12764f4a41873ef64d2
Commits on Jun 22, 2013
Esa Laukkanen elelinux Framework: Update Swedish translation
Change-Id: I83a44cdf96401446192d2df587f651acac17c30a
Commits on Jun 26, 2013
Esa Laukkanen elelinux Framework: Update Swedish translation, typo
Change-Id: I001f66800080c4791468aafe87fde2bd8b3223e5
Commits on Jun 28, 2013
Wim Vander Schelden Check and fail early if requested wallpaper size exceeds maximum text…
…ure size.

This fixes an issue where OpenGL initialization succeeds but buffer allocation fails because the requested wallpaper size
is too large (or otherwise unsupported) by the graphics hardware. This fixes an issue where SystemUI crashes constantly
on the PandaBoard when connected to a full HD display. Tested only on PandaBoard, no access to alternative hardware.
Signed-off-by: Wim Vander Schelden <>

Change-Id: I8d2e1ae9fd9772977c4e365f23f2f58bbca3787c
Commits on Jun 29, 2013
Rohan Mathur mathur QS: Capitalize more consistently
Change-Id: Idfe152a97e639c97ac68f98d516f7646f458c31e
Signed-off-by: Rohan Mathur <>
Gergely Szell sethyx Merge "Check and fail early if requested wallpaper size exceeds maxim…
…um texture size." into jb-mr1
Gergely Szell sethyx Merge " Framework: Update Swedish translation, typo" into jb-mr1 ad29fd2
Commits on Jun 30, 2013
Esa Laukkanen elelinux SystemUI: Update Swedish translation
Change-Id: I3062079d6d5f6ea0a6f633253f89bfe798d44952
Jonathan Steadman Whitehawkx LTE toggle: fix supported modes
Change-Id: Iba828b00072dadb4ec0058b7158f2187e1ac1f2d
Signed-off-by: Jonathan Steadman <>
Commits on Jul 01, 2013
Jonathan Steadman Whitehawkx LTE Toggle: add missing network mode NT_MODE_LTE_WCDMA
Change-Id: I93db32d4700568d79230350ff67e5dc0227a0c30
Signed-off-by: Jonathan Steadman <>
Commits on Jul 03, 2013
Pawit Pornkitprasan pawitp QuickSettings: FavContact & UserTile: Open full contact page
QuickContact popup can only be used for phoning/messaging/emailing,
which doesn't make sense when you're opening your own contact.

Opening the full contact directly makes it easier to beam or share
with other (one less click)

Also added this change to include FavContact

Change-Id: Ifd31b8c14ccb9f07e10e5bb2079bbc2f1296414b
Signed-off-by: Rohan Mathur <>
Signed-off-by: Brandon McAnsh <>
Jubakuba Revert "Frameworks: Allow Custom Icon Tinting Option (1/2)"
This reverts commit I7b7085534ab2572807dc092cdb4b00e84ae97a02

Change-Id: I8d4151052d45071b8823d753e60ec6a5a15d78fe
Jubakuba QuietHours: Change Logic (2/2)
Makes sense to me that turning QuietHours
    on should TURN QUIET HOURS ON with
    default time constraints applied.
I.E. QuietHours between 12:00am && 12:00am
    means QuietHours all day.  Having to
    adjust end time to 11:59 is redundant
    and not exactly the clearest implementation.
    Especially when we have a QuickToggle that
    directly toggles the setting on/off.

PS2: Vibrations as well.

Change-Id: Ib4893f9b47cf60fc0c55bf01b5453579385039b5
Jonathan Steadman Whitehawkx Merge " SystemUI: Update Swedish translation" into jb-mr1 920aef8
Commits on Jul 04, 2013
Daniel Hillenbrand FileUtils: add method to get UUID of a volume
Change-Id: I41b76c5e01c82a2f8e67b33133a76947877a2814
Yuya Aoki Fix deadlock of WebViewCoreThread
There was a deadlock in destroy process.
Investigation showed that WebViewCoreThread is waiting some
callbacks but in this case WebViewCoreThread can not resume
itself not to call notify method.

1. CallbackProxy.sendMessageToUiThreadSync
2. WebViewClassic.destroy()
3. CallbackProxy.blockMessages()
4. CallbackProxy.handleMessage is called via MainThread
5. The WebViewCoreThread deadlock is occured.

The cases we have to call notify method are followings.

Change-Id: I9d95ae500bf6338d77b32b5fa15de7cff5720d0f
Masanori Ogino Avoid adding FORWARD_LOCK flag to an updated system app
Consider the following case:
1. An app exists in /system/app or /vendor/app. (i.e, it's a system app)
2. If the app would be updated as a forward-lock app by downloading from
   market(google play), then it would be installed in /data/app-private.
3. Moreover, if it would be updated by the whole system image (i.e, FOTA
   or something like that), then the app would be applied a FORWARD_LOCK

The app SHOULD NOT have a FORWARD_LCOK flag. Because the resource path
of such app does not refer to the proper resources to access.

Change-Id: I0750f69a93a3115f4201029796b598507de3555f
Danesh M Danesh Lockscreen : Reference correct layout
Include correct layout for portrait.

Change-Id: I6de511357aec0f4364cd68c3ed740c7d4f47379d
Commits on Jul 09, 2013
Selim Gurun Add a delimiter between scheme and host
Bug: 6923539
Change-Id: I49aac145e8e80a5af7475cfe93ef4a353d2d3fe6
Nick Kralevich libdrm: fix bad strncpy / snprintf calls
Fix the following bugs reported by IOActive:
* GOOGLE-AN01 - Android libdrm drm_parseDM.c Boundary-CRLF Buffer Overflow
* GOOGLE-AN02 - Android libdrm 'drm_parseDM.c' contentType-CRLF
		Buffer Overflow
* GOOGLE-AN03 - Android libdrm drm_parseDM.c contentID-CRLF Buffer Overflow
* GOOGLE-AN04 - Android libdrm 'parser_dcf.c' Multiple Headers
		Buffer Overflow
* GOOGLE-AN05 - Android libdrm 'parser_dcf.c' ContentType Buffer Overflow

Bug: 8727221
Change-Id: If386922e907567f54e26897beffaa1cfe4777896
Jubakuba SystemUI: QuietHours Shortcut
Enables QuietHours to be toggled via
    other applications

PS2: Big AOSP guidelines rework
PS3: Forgot to rename class
PS4: Ribbons Class in same package
    Was already using "QuietHoursToggle"
    So a rename was required

Change-Id: I5797b7aba834f0f219683e8a5acc3eabde15aa8c
Christopher Tate Validate restored file paths against their nominal domain
Bug 8460775

Change-Id: Ib16d740a001adf4f9cb9ccaa31066ac7cadfb430
Christopher Tate Ensure install-during-restore is like install-then-restore
When we've installed an apk from the archive, recheck whether
to apply the system-uid policy restrictions around file system

Bug 8833099

(cherry picked from commit 2baf6dc)

Change-Id: I972fe1543f2234aa76baf562d6f806175ac0248e
Dirk Rettschlag MarcLandis Merge "Avoid adding FORWARD_LOCK flag to an updated system app" into …
Dirk Rettschlag MarcLandis Merge "Fix deadlock of WebViewCoreThread" into jb-mr1 9e8e6ec
Dirk Rettschlag MarcLandis Merge "Add a delimiter between scheme and host" into jb-mr1 9c09f2b
Dirk Rettschlag MarcLandis Merge "libdrm: fix bad strncpy / snprintf calls" into jb-mr1 6f57988
Dirk Rettschlag MarcLandis Merge changes I972fe154,Ib16d740a into jb-mr1
* changes:
  Ensure install-during-restore is like install-then-restore
  Validate restored file paths against their nominal domain
Commits on Jul 10, 2013
Martin Wallgren Set foreground priority for shutdown receivers.
The broadcast of ACTION_SHUTDOWN has a timeout of 10 seconds. To
reduce the risk of hitting the timeout and speeding up the
shutdown sequence in ShutdownThread we set the priority of the

We have seen that this change reduces the shutdown time when
the system is under heavy load.

Change-Id: I22cbf6af8cf6fc4bdefaa1c3da8a7eed7e7b7674
Commits on Jul 11, 2013
Dirk Rettschlag MarcLandis Merge "QuickSettings: FavContact & UserTile: Open full contact page" …
…into jb-mr1
Dirk Rettschlag MarcLandis Merge "Set foreground priority for shutdown receivers." into jb-mr1 5c48fc4
Commits on Jul 12, 2013
Koushik Dutta koush New Event: ACTION_NEW_OUTGOING_SMS
Change-Id: I8be01ad6251ca25e4d00ebffd876bb6ce7f3c283
Commits on Jul 13, 2013
Koushik Dutta koush Add SMS Middleware layer.
Add fix so ordered broadcasts are delivered to system
apps first in the event of a tie. This works around
the issue where terrible apps steal SMS notifications
from the broadcast queue to simply prevent notifications
that could otherwise be removed by a toggle.

Change-Id: I4fff0c584f8fce9c5f2f4fe86a82fe6480c307c7
Commits on Jul 14, 2013
YULIANGMAX YULIANGMAX Updated simplified Chinese translations
Change-Id: Ie1b898401784cc8f59d30ec3dc3b7d2eb48b600b
Commits on Jul 15, 2013
Dirk Rettschlag MarcLandis update russian translations
Change-Id: I8b2f47830cd727868f56c9cb71f277aa7daae571
Signed-off-by: Dirk Rettschlag <>
Dirk Rettschlag MarcLandis update catalan translations
Change-Id: Ic3c175b45efda16d027c5551063489263ec1e776
Signed-off-by: Dirk Rettschlag <>
Dirk Rettschlag MarcLandis Merge "update catalan translations" into jb-mr1 dc0cc3c
Commits on Jul 16, 2013
Gergely Szell sethyx Merge "Revert "Frameworks: Allow Custom Icon Tinting Option (1/2)"" i…
…nto jb-mr1
Gergely Szell sethyx Merge "QuietHours: Change Logic (2/2)" into jb-mr1 7f6a5e2
Commits on Jul 17, 2013
rdgate rdgate Frameworks: Update Japanese translation
Change-Id: I2d4c5547e1c28e07e51db893343554cb7f277930
Signed-off-by: rdgate <>
Commits on Jul 20, 2013
Dirk Rettschlag MarcLandis Navbar: add spacer to lightsout layout
This will align the lightsout buttons with the normal ones.

Change-Id: I9a3008ae8f16f35efc595d2a2f1d07a3eef47c29
Signed-off-by: Dirk Rettschlag <>
Commits on Jul 21, 2013
Gergely Szell sethyx Merge "Navbar: add spacer to lightsout layout" into jb-mr1 ae8d5e3
Commits on Jul 23, 2013
liquid0624 liquid0624 Fix RIL_UNSOL_CDMA_PRL_CHANGED constant typo (1/2)
Change-Id: I6eef9350fa62857cb5fd133a385cb09150cb6d1b
ghepeu Add support for Samsung extended AGPS
The AGPS implementation in the GPS chipset used in some Samsung devices
(i9100, i9300) can make use of the Psc field. Adapt the relevant
functions hiding the changes incompatible with other devices under the
AGPS_USE_PSC #define.

Credit to Qaweck from xda-developers forum for finding the meaning
of the field.

Change-Id: Ie4691c79ca379a1f5c0a87500c1b06b56ae7ac0d
Commits on Jul 26, 2013
Jubakuba Framework: Fix Sound/Phone Settings FC
If the user deleted their default
    vibration pattern, the log spewed
    the catch exception along with
    cursor not closed errors.
    Fix cursor (close in catch too)
    And set default back to default.

PS3: Guidelines

Change-Id: Ib0c8b4c7d541e407bee219d78014512d2903f176
Commits on Aug 03, 2013
Khas'Mek KhasMek Merge "SystemUI: QuietHours Shortcut" into jb-mr1 f774a64
Commits on Aug 10, 2013
Jubakuba SystemUI: QuietHours AutoSMSReply && QuietHours Bypass (1/2)
Required to get toggle to schedule
    the services as expected.

PS2: Implement new AOKPAction
PS4: Clean Logic [Final]

Change-Id: Ic568e30f4ec577c3703a56cde12e21fb30c81283
Commits on Sep 07, 2013
Jonathan Steadman Whitehawkx Merge "Add support for Samsung extended AGPS" into jb-mr1 01efd63