Commits on Nov 19, 2017
  1. DO NOT MERGE Remove window obscurement information.

    Siarhei Vishniakou committed with task650 Aug 4, 2017
    If ACTION_OUTSIDE_EVENTS contain information about whether the touch is
    obscured, then a pattern of invisible, untouchable, unfocusable
    SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOWS can be placed across the screen to determine
    approximate locations of touch events without the user knowing.
    Bug: 31097064
    Test: cts-tradefed run cts --class
    Change-Id: Iebbb68231cbb76f87241201e7640a1fe3e188625
    (cherry picked from commit 5508ca2c191f8fdf29d8898890a58bf1a3a225b3)
Commits on Aug 31, 2017
  1. InputDispatcher_test: fix pokeUserActivity after afbd1c1265de317f5ecf…

    invisiblek committed with task650 Aug 20, 2017
    * emulatorx86 needs this apparently
    Change-Id: I870dbd0a33904eb9055f60fc9af379ab901c35b6
  2. InputDispatcher: On keypress, deliver keycode to pokeUserActivity

    github-cygwin committed with task650 Aug 12, 2017
    Change-Id: I8f64a6fa9b4b2e4520e25731f55e89f5087c70da
    Signed-off-by: Corinna Vinschen <>
  3. PowerManager.h: Define USER_ACTIVITY_FLAG values

    github-cygwin committed with task650 Aug 12, 2017
    Change-Id: I90daada0d887008d56e84ce29b3f0b011a298698
    Signed-off-by: Corinna Vinschen <>
Commits on Aug 19, 2017
  1. native: Increase ART heap limit to 192MB for 1024MB RAM devices

    AdrianDC committed with task650 Nov 16, 2016
     * Needed for Google SetupWizard to start
     * Without this, SetupWizard is compiled by ART on boot
       and runs out of memory (heap) while running, resulting
       in the SetupWizard crashing and blocking boot
    Change-Id: Ic5b8caf4352f6d104af9121a09a01adad1c5bcc3
    Signed-off-by: Adrian DC <>
  2. SF: Improve hwrotation handling

    raymanfx committed with task650 Aug 9, 2017
    Avoid getprop() calls in performance critical display
    code paths.
    Instead of querying the property each time we need it,
    we read it once during initialization and then reuse
    the cached value.
    This is more appropriate here because we do not expect
    the value to change at runtime. In fact, this property
    behaves like a compile time constant in the real world:
    Set it once and never again (because the angle of your
    panel is fixed and does not change after the device
    leaves the factory).
    Change-Id: I55c4131735a65c7bdde8b00c166913bffa6c4ec3
Commits on Aug 11, 2017
  1. Merge tag 'android-7.1.2_r29' into cm-14.1

    invisiblek committed with task650 Aug 7, 2017
    Android 7.1.2 Release 29 (NJH47F)
    # gpg: Signature made Fri 28 Jul 2017 01:56:01 PM CDT
    # gpg:                using DSA key E8AD3F819AB10E78
    # gpg: Can't check signature: No public key
Commits on Jul 19, 2017
  1. Surface: Use async lock/unlock in copyBlt

    Francis Hart committed with task650 Jan 9, 2015
    The Surface::lock() function now uses the asynchronous versions of
    gralloc lock/unlock when copying the previously drawn content to the
    backbuffer. This allows for optimisations in the gralloc module
    implementation and so can improve performance and avoid CPU waits.
    Change-Id: I57193f327db2ff0422e1b58b3484f613201d994c
  2. Surface: Ensure synchronisation of copyBlt

    Francis Hart committed with task650 Dec 1, 2014
    The Surface::lock() function has an optimisation for copying the
    previously drawn contents from the frontbuffer to the (current)
    backbuffer, so that the client does not have to redraw the whole surface
    contents. This logic was not using the sync fence FD from
    dequeueBuffer() and so was not correctly synchronised with pending
    operations on the backbuffer.
    Change-Id: Ib44574d50f8bdb4a23078cd8da1c5c512c876320
  3. surfaceflinger: Validate setposition parameters

    Ramakant Singh committed with task650 Feb 9, 2017
    Validate setposition parameters width and height to
    fix hang issues becuase of wrong values set by clients.
    Change-Id: I786fc6f986fdb1d7de46ac3845f6a77cdcf34f93
    CRs-Fixed: 2005153
  4. sf: Fix GPU coordinates computation.

    Pullakavi Srinivas committed with task650 Feb 16, 2017
    Along with Viewport, final crop need to be
    considered to maintain aspect ratio.
    CRs-Fixed: 2001126
    Change-Id: Ia499cc059a2b0ef65002c60215d2f01ac706867f
  5. sf: Limit co-ordinates difference fix for high res panel

    Baldev Sahu committed with task650 Jan 19, 2017
    - Limit co-ordinate difference fix for high res panel as this
      is causing pixel shift on low res panel due to rounding.
    Change-Id: I1d697bc76ff6f962f399f6f692e347d04a059443
  6. surfaceflinger: Fix continuous SF dump.

    Namit Solanki committed with task650 Dec 9, 2016
    - Pass false in dumpdrawCycle() to append
      SF dumps for each draw cycle in a file.
    Change-Id: Ibea496635b0d5a63e963f01754b5b6ddf8b09b4c
    CRs-Fixed: 1099278
Commits on Jul 7, 2017
  1. Merge tag 'android-7.1.2_r24' into cm-14.1

    invisiblek committed with task650 Jul 5, 2017
    Android 7.1.2 release 24
    # gpg: Signature made Fri 30 Jun 2017 01:19:30 PM CDT
    # gpg:                using DSA key E8AD3F819AB10E78
    # gpg: Can't check signature: No public key
Commits on Jun 7, 2017
  1. Merge tag 'android-7.1.2_r17' into cm-14.1

    invisiblek committed with task650 Jun 5, 2017
    Android 7.1.2 Release 17 (NJH47B)
    # gpg: Signature made Fri 02 Jun 2017 05:09:05 PM CDT
    # gpg:                using DSA key E8AD3F819AB10E78
    # gpg: Can't check signature: No public key
Commits on May 18, 2017
  1. sensorservice: Fix orientation sensor for HAL's missing rotation vect…

    arco committed with MarcLandis May 16, 2017
    …or sensor
    Some HAL's doesn't have a hardware rotation sensor, and with the
    current check, the orientation sensor depends on it before it's
    available to the system. Remove the dependency.
    Fixes compass on some devices.
    Change-Id: I58f746b3dee1eb5a637b21efb8fecddc10c31e3a
Commits on May 3, 2017
  1. Merge tag 'android-7.1.2_r8' into cm-14.1

    invisiblek committed with STELIX May 1, 2017
    Android 7.1.2 release 8
    Change-Id: I59e29c3a40fa1087383b097b97b73b854e916758
Commits on Apr 16, 2017
  1. Merge tag 'android-7.1.2_r2' into cm-14.1

    invisiblek committed with STELIX Apr 5, 2017
    Android 7.1.2 Release 2 (N2G47E)
    Change-Id: I618af4f9abc890a65d0ade4eaff27feae517fa8e
Commits on Apr 9, 2017
  1. sensorservice: Register orientation sensor if HAL doesn't provide it

    arco committed with task650 Nov 5, 2014
     * In KitKat and on most Samsung devices, the orientation sensor is
       not getting registered, and makes the compass non-working in a lot
       of apps. This patch enables the sensor for such devices.
    Change-Id: I0ebba72ec4aa2cfa02c21a6daff0c356c6793fd0
    (cherry picked from commit 98fa6f1152da759ef3eaf36cb16e0aaf2013376a)
Commits on Mar 26, 2017
  1. native: fixes to compile HWC2

    apascual89 committed Mar 26, 2017
    Updates from LineageOS fw/native caf rebase
    Needed to compile Pixel devices
    Squashed commit including:
    sf: fixes for HWC2
    Change-Id: I8e7e595f8a0b370e3b886ea01265d63d1a0a967b
    sf: Fix to allow hwc composition through property
    Fix to allow hwc composition for virtual display by enabling the
    property debug.vds.allow_hwc
    Change-Id: I187e1f869f17eeac7429cd566bf7bb8a8d4835ea
    CRs-Fixed: 1070250
    surfaceflinger: Compile QC addons with USE_HWC2
    Change-Id: If2ee044411cb883e75e34b458be65cf4bf8d3b69
    Revert "surfaceflinger: Fix build for HWC2"
    This reverts commit 5eaba80
    Revert "surfaceflinger: fix build for devices not using hwc2"
    This reverts commit d19c6a3.
    Revert "sf: fixes for HWC2"
    This reverts commit bf07089
Commits on Mar 12, 2017
  1. Fw_native - One-hand UI Mode: add a parenthesis

    Bangbang Huang committed with STELIX Nov 24, 2016
    Change-Id: I91c3e40b034109a1b1f1593c164cd6a1061b51fb
    Signed-off-by: Joey Rizzoli <>
Commits on Feb 25, 2017
  1. Merge tag 'android-7.1.1_r21' into cm-14.1

    invisiblek committed with task650 Feb 24, 2017
    Android 7.1.1 release 21
    # gpg: Signature made Wed 01 Feb 2017 04:40:16 PM CST
    # gpg:                using DSA key E8AD3F819AB10E78
    # gpg: Can't check signature: No public key
Commits on Feb 23, 2017
  1. libEGL: Only enable WORKAROUND_BUG_10194508 with board flag

    airend committed with STELIX Jan 17, 2017
    Change-Id: Id0d000dc5397479a0cd73799f93861693179a663
Commits on Feb 21, 2017
  1. Fw_Native - DUI: Fix one handed mode triggering tapjacking protection

    beanstown106 committed with STELIX Jan 28, 2017
    With overlay apps like Muviz or LMT active, Package Installer refused to
    install packages.
    Also clean up pointless whitespace from one hand merge
    Teamwork with @ezio84 @BeansTown106 @nathanchance @Mazda--
    Change-Id: I8ebdd7f5de7c41571c4ece5efa7dcee6bf281afb
  2. Fw_Native - DUI: Add new feature of One-hand UI Mode [2/3]

    Bangbang Huang committed with STELIX Nov 24, 2016
    Bug: 33118157
    Test: builds, and test feature in bug 33118157
    Change-Id: I58a91f1263dd42e96bd0ebc7c0ad1bc027946d3d
    Signed-off-by: Pranav Vashi <>
Commits on Feb 15, 2017
  1. sf: fixes for HWC2

    invisiblek committed with task650 Feb 14, 2017
    Change-Id: I8e7e595f8a0b370e3b886ea01265d63d1a0a967b
Commits on Jan 31, 2017
  1. gralloc1: Acquire mutex early in release

    Pramodh Kumar Mukunda committed with task650 Nov 25, 2016
    Due to race condition between release and retain calls, retain return stale handle.
    Which results in crash in SurfaceFlinger
    Fix crash by acquiring mutex early in release function
    Bug: 32384569
    Change-Id: I4b763bbcacd9905492d19fafc9b91e4c7e1cc53e
  2. sf1 : Avoid resetting skip flag for dim layer

    Prabhanjan Kandula committed with task650 Oct 22, 2016
    Dim layer can still have skip flag set on it to
    indicate about any non-2D rotation that HWC can
    not handle so do not override skip flag.
    Change-Id: I2f7a979295cac9a9427bbe0f2cb388518ebe5fc7
  3. surfaceflinger: Increase SurfaceFlinger dump buffer size to 16k.

    Namit Solanki committed with task650 Sep 30, 2016
    - Increase the SurfaceFlinger dump buffer size from 4k to 16k
    bytes to avoid buffer overflow.
    Change-Id: I89008f9c3f765b3db16d41dc40d5a0e79c56a737
  4. Preserve app data if neither ce nor de have xattr user.default

    sam3000 committed with task650 Jan 28, 2017
    For a given app, if xattr user.default is missing from both ce and de data
    dirs, installd currently defaults to using ce.  However, if a system
    app sets defaultToDeviceProtectedStorage="true" in it's manifest,
    data is actually stored in de and so the effect is wipe for such
    apps in the case where xattr user.default attributes are missing
    (such as a tar backup/restore).
    In the case where user.default is missing, if the app wants de
    and the de dir exists then use it, otherwise, default to ce
    as before.
    Change-Id: I8d5583b7d156809b2aecc676db35e6bf7cad3e0c
Commits on Jan 24, 2017
  1. Release resources when repeating dlopen-dlcose.

    zhongjie committed with task650 Mar 9, 2016
    When the is dlopen and dlclose many
    times, we need to delete the pthread_key and
    munmap the memory mapping.
    Otherwise, it will crash as the leakage causes
    the pthread_key or memory mapping surpass their
    Change-Id: Ice64d4ef685c1f665350286f9e5ddf790beac236
    Signed-off-by: zhongjie <>
  2. Fix clang static analyzer warnings.

    m-gupta committed with task650 Nov 2, 2016
    frameworks/native/cmds/flatland/GLHelper.cpp:366:9: warning: Potential
    leak of memory pointed to by 'src'
    Test: Warning no longer appears
    Change-Id: I2721d292cf1f387f34fb2e69f8370f1abff3f01f
  3. Fix surfaceflinger file descriptor leak

    Fabien Sanglard committed with task650 Oct 15, 2016
    If a producer queues a buffer after a screen resize, the buffer
    will not be removed from the buffer queue, resulting in a leak of
    file descriptor.
    Test: Fix was tested by the bug reporter (ARM).
    Bug: 32012717
    Change-Id: I3b7b0745d5fbdee97fc8df2db399c1a2fcdeb375
Commits on Jan 9, 2017
  1. Merge tag 'android-7.1.1_r9' into cm-14.1

    invisiblek committed with task650 Jan 4, 2017
    Android 7.1.1 release 9
    Change-Id: I9fad5ad5ee224b2c0f50d353bca1686ba4d3f555
Commits on Dec 27, 2016
  1. sf: hwc1: Add support for secondary color matrix

    Steve Kondik committed with task650 Apr 12, 2016
     * Add a new binder transaction for applying a secondary color matrix
       using RenderEngine. This stacks with the primary color matrix
       (if set for a11y) to enable GPU-based display calibration.
    Change-Id: I766455bfb5212e2dcc8ad0cb8ebdddbda87af732