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Commits on Oct 10, 2012
  1. Khas'Mek

    Merge tag 'android-4.1.2_r1' into HEAD

    KhasMek authored
    Android 4.1.2 release 1
Commits on Sep 25, 2012
  1. Andrew Dodd Pierpaolo Pernici

    exynos: Apply format usage flag hack to YUV420P

    Entropy512 authored PierPP committed
    This is needed for planar format video in
    addition to semiplanar.  Also, update the flag
    to be more representative of what it REALLY does,
    which is merely to add GRALLOC_USAGE_HW_FIMC1.
    This fixes Netflix on Note 10.1 so it no
    longer needs Developer Options hacks.
    Change-Id: I31df87c252779e66a056b79b1f48779024ec0f30
Commits on Sep 21, 2012
  1. James Roberts

    Fixed sample video corrupted in MediaCodec mode.

    Edwin Wong authored xoomdev committed
    Change-Id: Ibe11a83199f3db1ba6266a1a9e11c7fc24ceb554
    related-to-bug: 6732061
Commits on Sep 19, 2012
  1. Steve Kondik Jonathan Steadman

    surfaceflinger: Fix ifdeffing

    cyanogen authored Whitehawkx committed
     * Fix bad ifdeffing from QC BSP code.
    Change-Id: Ibd188c16fc6e95ee70dd13381db5406449c33c4d
Commits on Sep 18, 2012
  1. Jonathan Steadman

    frameworks/native: Add support for copybit in Surfaceflinger.

    Jeykumar Sankaran authored Whitehawkx committed
      - Use qcomuiclearRegion to punch hole in FB if using
        copybit composition
      - Skip GPU drawing if layers are flagged for copybit
      - Consider copybit composition while counting for
        layers updating FB
    Change-Id: Ieb2937d276a5018916961b43850898066a15c17e
  2. xplodwild Jonathan Steadman

    i9300: Clean up a bit usage flag hack

    xplodwild authored Whitehawkx committed
    Change-Id: I355375e5d65381b4a256dbf934dacf6b2b935b98
  3. xplodwild Jonathan Steadman

    Fix gralloc private flag for video playback

    xplodwild authored Whitehawkx committed
    Change-Id: I5247adffd528fbabbe57de56e1ac1e5ae74662af
  4. Bryce Walter Jonathan Steadman

    SurfaceFlinger: Removal of NO_RGBX_8888 flag for OMAP3

    Krylon360 authored Whitehawkx committed
    Removing this will allow color format of surface to be set for RGBX8888
    that can improve performance for 32 bit framebuffer.
    Tested on Nook Color with CM10
    TI's commit can be found here:
    This will also remove the need to have BOARD_NO_RGBX_8888 := true
    in the
    Change-Id: Ibc6e56c992a6433bc8688d88471d4feb9084278c
Commits on Sep 14, 2012
  1. James Roberts

    libgui: Add support to update buffer geometry.

    Ramkumar Radhakrishnan authored xoomdev committed
    Add native window properties NATIVE_WINDOW_UPDATE_BUFFERS_GEOMETRY
    to the perform function of SurfaceTextureClient and SurfaceTexture
    to update the width, height and format of the buffer dynamically
    from the client before queue buffer call.
    Change-Id: I62447fcf523b507d534085cd0835f55a978c4ead
Commits on Sep 12, 2012
  1. Jonathan Steadman

    frameworks/native: SF: Adapt vertices to GL co-ordinates

    Jeykumar Sankaran authored Whitehawkx committed
    Adapt co-ordinates in drawWormhole() from display co-ordinate system to
    GL co-ordinate system.
    Change-Id: Id25a9e63c38ceb242f6d67eaca9e88cb95aead42
  2. Jonathan Steadman

    SurfaceFlinger: update sourceTransform in hwc_layer_t

    Arun Kumar K.R authored Whitehawkx committed
    set the sourceTransform in hwc_layer_t to the bufferOrientation,
    which will be used for setting the orientation on external display
    CRs-fixed: 387357
    Change-Id: I7ae6a818001eb41a9209dea166dc9232de182fe5
    (cherry picked from commit 608db1fa7aa4dee3fc0359bd5686a74e2dfc9d40)
  3. Giulio Cervera Jonathan Steadman

    native: use standard cm qcom ifdef

    Kali- authored Whitehawkx committed
    Change-Id: I35d7ba187a46af840253ec5b5c93df888546ce65
Commits on Sep 6, 2012
  1. Steve Kondik Jonathan Steadman

    Revert "surfacetexture: Add API to set the min undequeued buffer count"

    cyanogen authored Whitehawkx committed
    This reverts commit 7523410.
    Revert "Allow 3+ undequeued buffers for SurfaceTextureLayer"
    This reverts commit 3c77f87.
Commits on Aug 28, 2012
  1. Deva R. Jonathan Steadman

    native: Add custom 32-aligned NV12 colorformat

    rdeva31 authored Whitehawkx committed
    Change-Id: If00faad5b155e8be70ffb48b01992bdf86165dc8
  2. Steve Kondik Jonathan Steadman

    Fix makefile from the previous commit

    cyanogen authored Whitehawkx committed
    Change-Id: Ia245a408cf02ee0d1968bbc05ac181fe1129b9ce
  3. Jonathan Steadman

    SF::Call qcomuiClearRegion() method for mdp composition

    Ramakant Singh authored Whitehawkx committed
    Change-Id: I2c36aeea1a71312e1fbd5b56a14c8c183719a8ba
    CRs-Fixed: 383115
Commits on Aug 27, 2012
  1. Steve Kondik Jonathan Steadman

    surfacetexture: Add API to set the min undequeued buffer count

    cyanogen authored Whitehawkx committed
     * Needed if we want to globally raise the value to reduce jank. Too
       many buffers causes issues for camera drivers.
     * Change the value back to 3 globally for QCOM targets.
    Change-Id: Ifc553fc0ea622974f773550799970b37e80a7c96
Commits on Aug 21, 2012
  1. Steve Kondik Jonathan Steadman

    Allow 3+ undequeued buffers for SurfaceTextureLayer

    cyanogen authored Whitehawkx committed
     * Eliminates launcher jank on QCOM hardware.
     * Original patch from QCOM that set this to 3 globally uses too much
       memory in places where it's not really needed such as camera.
    Change-Id: I0153f981a3645f22fdb61b6ea38eeacb3eaf65de
  2. Jonathan Steadman
  3. Jonathan Steadman

    BufferQueue: Increase MIN_UNDEQUEUED from 2 to 3.

    Saurabh Shah authored Whitehawkx committed
    If 2 queueBuffers happen fairly closely, the former buffer is not picked by
    display. But SurfaceTexture won't return this to clients, since its not the
    oldest. It will return the locked buffer causing deadlock.
    Increasing the min_dequeued buffer count to 3 (from 2) will increase the
    distance between video and display by 1 more.
    CRs-fixed: 382393
    Change-Id: I275c01473c7057714da35693dfda7a358e9d9285
Commits on Aug 17, 2012
  1. Chirayu Desai Jonathan Steadman

    fix build

    chirayudesai authored Whitehawkx committed
    Change-Id: Id22c93397e759eb013162e9b6baa2db571c0e786
  2. Jonathan Steadman

    Add support for custom buffer sizes.

    Ramkumar Radhakrishnan authored Whitehawkx committed
    Add native window properties NATIVE_WINDOW_SET_BUFFERS_SIZE to the
    perform function of SurfaceTextureClient to set the user defined size
    of graphic buffers.
    Change-Id: I1dc2203990a3641fbb9ddab9a86f7e9017f05270
  3. Jonathan Steadman

    FramebufferNativeWindow: Fix locking

    Naseer Ahmed authored Whitehawkx committed
    * No locking needed for query.
    * Postpone locking until after fb_post returns
    Change-Id: I214afddc1f32295c9fb625d07b27a9d98999859e
  4. Jonathan Steadman

    frameworks/native: fix copy back dirty region

    Omprakash Dhyade authored Whitehawkx committed
    Copyback dirty region logic does copyback,
    even when its not necessary causing 2ms delay.
    Fix the logic to copy back only what is necessary.
    Change-Id: I52de68258ac9f87d704ee5401f93417805fa6773
  5. Jonathan Steadman

    native/libs/ui: Adding fix for conf 2.0 seg faults

    Vishrut Shah authored Whitehawkx committed
    function call to cancelBuffer was resulted in seg-faults on conf 2.0.
    Setting function pointer of cancelBuffer to null in order to select
    correct path of execution.
    CRs-fixed: 383715
    Change-Id: Ic560bf2e19fe22812dacfca1a54148076cc98b13
  6. Daniel Hillenbrand Jonathan Steadman

    binder: libsamsungion goes libsecion

    codeworkx authored Whitehawkx committed
    Change-Id: I40024b0611ee7f938e238a64e5ee1626f308f0da
Commits on Aug 10, 2012
  1. SurfaceTexture: Add support for drawing non-GPU supported buffers.

    Naseer Ahmed authored Gerrit Code Review committed
    Add support for drawing buffers which are not supported by the GPU.
    These buffers are drawn using the overlay or C2D. During rotation,
    when the draw operation is performed, the GPU clears the clip region
    for this buffer.
    Change-Id: I7e7abef68ef5aefddaf1596979819ddd66be3681
  2. SurfaceFlinger: send the orientation information to HWC

    Arun Kumar K.R authored Gerrit Code Review committed
    Change-Id: I04a30d472ac2d12706b8d82b4bb433598482454d
    CRs-fixed: 382796
Commits on Aug 8, 2012
  1. Jonathan Steadman

    frameworks/native: Add support for external-only layers.

    Saurabh Shah authored Whitehawkx committed
    Add support for external-only layers, used for dual-display
    or closed captions.
    Do not draw external-only layers.
    Change-Id: Ieeb945d8a01f16a61a40433aa388a7c7822dcc8a
Commits on Jul 25, 2012
  1. Daniel Bateman Jonathan Steadman

    native: fix FB compilation

    FaultException authored Whitehawkx committed
    Change-Id: Ib52cfe6c2a9f7dc45ffcc0dbe98e870bded32381
  2. Jonathan Steadman

    native : Add Yamato format to OMX_IVCommon

    Arvind Thatikonda authored Whitehawkx committed
    - Add Yamato format to OMX_IVCommon
    Change-Id: Ifd51eb74a0ade99bef63ccaefa055a8d6943ce0f
  3. Jonathan Steadman

    native: add support for color-converter

    Vikash Garodia authored Whitehawkx committed
    Defines interfaces to interact with mm-color-converter
    wrapper class.
    Change-Id: Iff2926e553442fca72d9f30a89b5b7177d7a870b
  4. Jonathan Steadman

    native: Add Tile format to OMX_IVCommon

    Shalaj Jain authored Whitehawkx committed
    Change-Id: I2b1fac62651fabe3338246d6b28057854f390a10
  5. Jonathan Steadman

    libs/ui: Add support for triple framebuffers

    Naseer Ahmed authored Whitehawkx committed
    Change-Id: I90dd38deeeda9a3785b87286cc7d252c6f948750
  6. Tanguy Pruvot Jonathan Steadman

    CleanSpec to rebuild surfaceflinger dependencies

    tpruvot authored Whitehawkx committed
    Change-Id: If5710989631b761592da15b07acaa738588a9c56
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