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Use weasel words to cover changed behavior around END_DOCUMENT.

We used to have 2 different implementations of XmlPullParser and
each of them behaved differently if you called next() after
receiving the END_DOCUMENT token:
 - Parsers returned from XmlPullParserFactory didn't throw
 - Parsers returned from android.util.Xml did throw

When we went to a single implementation the behavior changed for
android.util.Xml users. Unfortunately the change went from being
consistent-with-the-docs to not. Rather than changing the behavior
I'm being a weasel and changing the docs! That way we aren't
promising something we cannot deliver.

Change-Id: I0e72e79270b92ecc0fdb5bf64c97fa50d2bdb81c
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1 parent d71c847 commit f1a7fc1453676af318ce11fed9616cbb090b83ae Jesse Wilson committed May 10, 2012
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@@ -161,9 +161,9 @@
* Logical end of the xml document. Returned from getEventType, next()
* and nextToken()
* when the end of the input document has been reached.
- * <p><strong>NOTE:</strong> calling again
+ * <p><strong>NOTE:</strong> subsequent calls to
* <a href="#next()">next()</a> or <a href="#nextToken()">nextToken()</a>
- * will result in exception being thrown.
+ * may result in exception being thrown.
* @see #next
* @see #nextToken

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