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packages/apps/Phone: squashed clean up of NetworkSettings from CAF

fixes: "Searching..." dialog that does not get dismissed if screen times out
fixes: crash when starting a new search before the old one has finished

packages/apps/Phone: Dismiss previous dialog before updating network list

After the network list is updated, the previous
"searching" dialog needs to be dismissed
even if the activity is paused.

Change-Id: I96aeccdd936b411e6077afb0abd288dd753e0582
CRs-Fixed: 319580

Fix crash in trying manual search again before first search completes

Manual network search query and responses are not synchronous.
This leads to multiple responses being processed consecutively.
A dialog is cleared on receiving the first response
and subsequent responses through exception when attempting to dismiss
the same dialog. Ignore the exception thrown by
dialogs as it is not benign.

Change-Id: Icc092b093af04ddfb15b2e5b30ac123577eab05c
Crs-Fixed: 326736
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1 parent 75ce1d3 commit e1b36d0d16c93d2a7db5232ffa4474f168c33c60 @dferg dferg committed with Whitehawkx Dec 13, 2011
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  1. +3 −1 src/com/android/phone/
@@ -387,8 +387,10 @@ private void networksListLoaded(List<OperatorInfo> result, int status) {
// update the state of the preferences.
if (DBG) log("hideProgressPanel");
- if (mIsForeground) {
+ try {
+ } catch (IllegalArgumentException e){
+ if (DBG) log(" DIALOG_NETWORK_LIST_LOAD dismissed already");

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