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Android Open Kang Project

Download the source

Please read the AOSP building instructions before proceeding.


repo init -u -b jb-mr1

Run the following to sync the source

repo sync

Download the kernel source

Integrated kernel building is now required to compile AOKP for all supported devices (even Nexus devices!)

From the root of your source tree, run the following script to grab the kernel sources required

. ./platform_manifest/

Then run another repo sync

Advanced users: Since the kernel trees are fairly large, you may want to sync only specific kernel trees for devices you build for, take a look at the file .repo/local_manifests/kernel_manifest.xml. You can edit this file to suite your needs.


After the sync is finished, please read the instructions from the Android site on how to build.

. build/

You can also build (and see how long it took) for specific devices like this:

. build/
time brunch aokp_mako-userdebug

Remember to make clobber every now and then!

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