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ACBS is still under heavy development, but is currently deployed for packaging for AOSC OS.

ACBS (AutoBuild CI Build System) is a re-implementation of the original ABBS (AutoBuild Build Service) in Python. The re-implementation aims to improve the horrible reliability and agility of its predecessor, adding with:

  • Multi-tree support (a "forest", so to speak).
  • Checksum verification support.
  • Cache cleaning and management support.
  • Logging support.
  • Proper dependency calculation (automatic build sequences, useful for bootstrapped bases).

Extra blings are also included:

  • Build timing utilities.
  • More detailed error messages.



  • Python 3 (>= 3.6): Running the program itself.
  • GNU File (libmagic): File type detection.
  • Util-Linux: File checksum verification.
  • LibArchive (bsdtar): Archive handling.
  • GNU Wget or Aria2: Source downloading.
  • Autobuild3: Package building.


  • libmagic: Python module to detect file type.
  • libapt-pkg: Query package information.
  • libarchive-c: Python module to handle archives.
  • pycrypto: Python module to verify file checksums.
  • ptyprocess, pexpect: Build logging.


ACBS could be deployed in any appropriate directories, and is invoked by calling (you may create a symlink for your convenience). You would need to create a configuration file before using ACBS.

ACBS uses an INI-like configuration controlling trees to be used, the configuration file should be stored in /etc/acbs/forest.conf.

A bare-minimal example is shown below:

location = /usr/lib/acbs/repo

If you are feeling smart, variable substitutions are also acceptable:

base = /mnt

location = ${vars:base}/aosc-os-abbs

By default, ACBS builds packages from the tree defined in the [default] block.


usage: acbs-build [-h] [-v] [-d] [-t ACBS_TREE] [-q ACBS_QUERY] [-w] [-c] [-k] [-g] [-r STATE_FILE] [packages [packages ...]]

ACBS - AOSC CI Build System
Version: 20210227
A small alternative system to port abbs to CI environment to prevent from irregular bash failures

positional arguments:
  packages              Packages to be built

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -v, --version         Show the version and exit
  -d, --debug           Increase verbosity to ease debugging process
  -t ACBS_TREE, --tree ACBS_TREE
                        Specify which abbs-tree to use
                        Do a simple ACBS query
  -w, --write           Write spec changes back (Need to be specified with -g)
  -c, --clear           Clear build directory
  -k, --skip-deps       Skip dependency resolution
  -g, --get             Only download source packages without building
  -r STATE_FILE, --resume STATE_FILE
                        Resume a previous build attempt