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Welcome to AOSC OS (5.0.0)!

This is a new series of AOSC OS Core with major updates and fixes over the old
Core 4 series.


  • Updated GNU C Library to 2.26.
  • Updated GNU Binutils to 2.29.1.
  • Updated GNU MPFR Library to 3.1.3.
  • Updated Interger Set Library to 0.18.
  • Updated GNU Compiler Compilation (GCC) to 7.2.0.
  • Updated GNU DBM to 1.13.
  • Updated Berkeley DB to 6.2.32.
  • Updated Perl to 5.24.3.


  • Moved GCC specs from autobuild3 to gcc, avoids potential build failures
    with software that records build-time compiler flags - when Autobuild3 is
    not installed.
  • Moved Timezone Data out of Core tree, to allow for more timely updates.


  • /etc/locale.gen is now included as a configuration file so it won't be replaced during upgrades.
  • Fixes gold linker for AArch64 (build failure with perl when binutils is updated to 2.29.
  • Fixes GCC build on 32-bit architectures and ARMv7 in particular.
  • Fixes a typo in readline package description (#51).

What to Expect:

  • A smooth update with little incompatibility, though it could happen.
  • Minor performance gain from GNU C Library and GCC Runtime enhancements.