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Assets 2

This is a feature and security update to the Core 5 series.


  • New architecture support: RISC-V 64-bit (riscv64)!
  • Updated GNU C Library with the newest changes on the 2.27 branch.
    • Changed behaviour of locale generation, which is now done during
      compile time - no more hour-long waiting!
    • Static libraries are longer stripped.
    • Multiple security fixes.
  • Updated Binutils with the newest changes on the 2.30 branch.
    • Multiple security fixes.
  • Updated GCC with the newest changes on the 7.3.1 branch.
  • Updated Perl with security fixes.
  • Updated Linux API Headers to 4.16.2.
  • Updated Ncurses to 6.1+20180407.
  • Updated Bash to 4.4.19.
  • Updated ISL to 0.19.

What to Expect:

  • A smooth update with little incompatibility, though it could happen.
  • Much faster installation times.