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# Merge zh variant translations with OpenCC and msgmerge.
if OLD_FILE is missing, assume creation of new file.
Env vars:
ZH_MSGMERGE_OPTS \`linear' array of extra flags for \`msgmerge'.
Example: '-E -C \"my compendia.po\" -w 79 --previous'
Default: '--previous'
ZH_POST_OCC:function What to do after invoking OpenCC. To use,
define a function with this name in bash,
and export it with \`export -f ZH_POST_OCC'.
Example: ZH_POST_OCC() { msgattrib --set-fuzzy \\
--no-fuzzy -o \"\$new.\$oldtype\"{,}; }
# This script comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRENTY, and can be used as if it is in
# public domain, or (optionally) under the terms of CC0, WTFPL or Unlicense.
# Please make sure that there is no Chinese characters in msgid; or bad things
# will happen when opencc converts them by mistake. msgfilter can be used, but
# it's super slow with it being called super many times. Same for sed.
# Also, don't pass non-UTF8 files in.
readonly {FALSE,NO,false,no}=0 {TRUE,YES,true,yes}=1 # boolean shorthands
die(){ echo "Fatal: $1">&2; exit "${2-1}"; }
info(){ echo "Info: $*">&2; }
[ "$2" -a -e "$2" ] || die "Arguments invalid
type opencc sed msgmerge >/dev/null || die "required command(s) not found"
# Accept environment 'linear array' input.
declare -a ZH_MSGMERGE_OPTS="(${ZH_MSGMERGE_OPTS:---previous})"
type ZH_POST_OCC &>/dev/null || ZH_POST_OCC(){ :; }
# OpenCC example cfgs used, all with Phrace Variants:
# s2twp: CN -> TW
# tw2sp: TW -> CN
# s2hk: CN -> HK
# hk2s: HK -> CN
declare -A cn_t_word
cn_t_word[ 函式 ]=函数
cn_t_word[ 封存 ]=归档
# Extra sed commands for conversion.
-r # ERE for grouping
-e 's/函式/函数/g' # function
-e 's/封存/归档/g' # archive
-e 's/开启/打开/g' # open
-e 's/命令稿/脚本/g' # script
-e 's/盘案/文件/g' # file (save)
-e 's/回传/返回/g' # return (function)
-e 's/引数/参数/g' # argument (function)
-e 's/签章/签名/g' # signature (PGP)
-e 's/巨集/宏/g' # macro
-e 's/魔术字符/幻数/g' # magic number
-e 's/唯读/只读/g' # readonly
-e 's/胚腾/模式/g' # pattern, un-standardly translated to 胚腾 in TW sometimes.
-e 's/逾時/超时/g' # timed out
-e 's/相依性/依赖关系/g' -e 's/相依/依赖/g' # dependency (pkgmgr)
-e 's/万用匹配/通配符/g' -e 's/万用字符/通配符/g' # glob
-e 's/([二八十]|十六)进位制?/\1进制/g' # bin, oct, dec, hex..
# -e 's/修补/补丁/g' # patch
# -e 's/套件/软件包/g' # package
# -e 's/异动/事务/'g # transaction
-e 's/不容许/不允许/g' # not permitted
-e 's/暂存盘/临时文件/g' # tmpfile, word_struct (暂存 盘)
# -e 's/缩减/归约/g' # reduce (parser)
-e 's/算子/算符/g' # operator (parser)
-e 's/全域/全局/g' # global
-e 's/做为/作为/g' # foo as(作为) bar
-e 's/行程/进程/g' # process
-e 's/润算/渲染/g' # render
-e 's/堆栈/堆叠/g' # stack
-e 's/指标/指针/g' # pointer
-e 's/印出/打印/g' # print
# -e 's/行/__CoLM_列__/g' -e 's/列/行/g' -e 's/__CoLM_列__/列/g' # different ideas on lines and cols
-e 's/「/“/g' -e 's/」/”/g' -e 's/『/‘/g' -e 's/』/’/g' # crude quoting
-e 's/函数/函式/g' # function
-e 's/归档/封存/g' # archive
-e 's/宏/巨集/g' # macro
-e 's/只读/唯读/g' # readonly
-e 's/全局/全域/g' # global
case "$1" in
echo "CN";;
echo "TW";;
(*zh[_-]HK*) echo "HK";;
(*) echo "??" ;;
local occcfg
case "$1,$2" in
(CN,TW) occcfg=s2twp;;
(TW,CN) occcfg=tw2sp;;
(CN,HK) occcfg=s2hk;;
(HK,CN) occcfg=hk2s;;
(TW,HK) occcfg=tw2sp,s2hk;;
(HK,TW) occcfg=hk2s,s2twp;;
if [ -z "$occcfg" ]; then
die "Specified pair $1$2 not supported. Add it yourself."
do_occ "$occcfg" "$3" "$4"
local curr IFS=,
cp "$2" "${3:-$2}.work" || return
for curr in $1; do
[ "$curr" != NULL ] || continue
opencc -c "$curr" -i "${3:-$2}.work" -o "${3:-$2}.work" || return
mv "${3:-$2}"{.work,}
old="$1" oldtype="$(zhvar "$old")"
new="$2" newtype="$(zhvar "$new")"
if [ ! -e "$old" ]; then
info "Creating $old."
:> "$old"
echo "
OLD $oldtype $old
NEW $newtype $new
POT -- $pot
case "$newtype" in
(CN) sed "${from_cn_sed[@]}" "$new" > "$new.$oldtype";;
(*) cp "$new" "$new.$oldtype"
occ_conv "$newtype" "$oldtype" "$new"{,".$oldtype"} ||
die "opencc returned $?."
cp "$old"{,'~'}
msgattrib --translated -o "$old"{,}
msgcat -o "$old.all" --use-first "$old" "$new.$oldtype"
msgmerge --lang="zh_$oldtype" "${ZH_MSGMERGE_OPTS[@]}" -o "$old"{,.all} "$pot" ||
die "msgmerge returned $?."
case "$oldtype" in
(CN) sed -i.pre_final "${to_cn_sed[@]}" "$old"
OUTFILES+="SED $oldtype $old.pre_final"$'\n'
echo "
OUT $oldtype $old
ALL $oldtype $old.all
TMP $oldtype $new.$oldtype
Verify the results in a po editor, with some basic knowledge in zh_$oldtype."
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