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JDCTeam AOSP-JF-MM Issue Tracking

To report any issues you find please use this link, do not forget to provide as much info as possible. If you remember the latest build where the issue didn't exist it would greatly help to track down what caused it. The following is an useful bug report format:

  • Phone model: ex. jfltexx or GT-I9505
  • Baseband version: ex. I9505XXUHOD7
  • ROM version: ex. 20151108
  • GApps Package: CM GApps [date] or Open GApps [type] [date] or Slim GApps [type] [date] ex. Open GApps Micro 20150719

  • Did you do a clean install for the currently installed build? yes or no

  • Did you reboot after having the issue? yes/no
  • Did you do any system modification? yes: [mod]/no
  • Did you flash another kernel? yes: stock kernel available on RomHut/yes: [kernel]/no
  • Did you install Xposed framework? yes/no