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PowerManagerService: Fix updating of mUserActivitySummary

I7f1fc35a1573717d1ea101a07c4171d6f66d1553 missed the fact that the primary
purpose of the affected condition block was to update mUserActivitySummary
and the button/keyboard light handling was just appended to it later.

This fixes the waking from dream/screensaver by user activity.

I30c5c8c9c09e3d57ace18cac72b783510b9b3bf3 is removed here as well as it was
just a band aid.

jira: NIGHTLIES-1285

Change-Id: I6b2f6c58e73110787d62e86d4d2ef538638cf491
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nadlabak authored and xlxfoxxlx committed Jun 7, 2015
1 parent d78ae02 commit f51d68f05b67864c5d84e9e1bb547c6d85259697
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1 services/core/java/com/android/server/power/
@@ -1838,7 +1838,7 @@ private void updateUserActivitySummaryLocked(long now, int dirty) {
final boolean userInactiveOverride = mUserInactiveOverrideFromWindowManager;
mUserActivitySummary = 0;
if (mWakefulness == WAKEFULNESS_AWAKE && mLastUserActivityTime >= mLastWakeTime) {
if (mLastUserActivityTime >= mLastWakeTime) {
nextTimeout = mLastUserActivityTime
+ screenOffTimeout - screenDimDuration;
if (now < nextTimeout) {

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