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Asteroids (Part 2)

Now that we have a functioning space ship, we'll add some asteroids to our game. We'll write an asteroid class that extends Floater.

Steps to completing this assignment

  1. Create a new Asteroid.pde file in your AsteroidsGame folder. One way to do this is in Sublime is to choose New | New File and then choose File | Save as and name your file Asteroid.pde.
  2. Write an Asteroid class that extends Floater in your Asteroid.pde file. You will need to write a constructor and the code to "finish" the abstract methods in the Floater class
  3. On line 14 of index.html add Asteroid.pde to the list of files in data-processing-sources. The canvas tag should now look like <canvas id="AsteroidsGame" data-processing-sources="Asteroid.pde AsteroidsGame.pde Floater.pde Spaceship.pde Stars.pde"> </canvas>. Now choose File | Save.
  4. Add a int member variable of the Asteroid class. It will hold the speed of rotation for each asteroid. Make sure that this is initialized to have an equal probablility of being positive or negative. Also make sure to declare it appropriately (should it be public or private?)
  5. "Override" the move() method of the Floater class by writing a new move() method in the Asteroid class that also turns (rotates) each Asteroid at its own speed
  6. Now add just a single asteroid to your applet. Start by just calling the Asteroid's show() function. Make sure you can see it and are happy with its shape before going to the next step.
  7. Now add the code that moves and rotates the Asteroid
  8. Modify your code so that you have an array of Asteroids.
  9. Submit the URL of your working program to the school loop locker


If you have extra time, you might try to figure out how to check to see if the ship has collided with an asteroid.