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Sample Assignment - (Basic Workflow)

This Sample Assignment will go through the workflow of Processing and GitHub that you will use for your subsequent assignments.

  1. Sign up for a free GitHub account if you don’t already have one and sign in to your GitHub account

  2. Fork this repository. Forking is making a copy of the repo (that's short for repository). It's like copying a google doc. Click on the Fork button at the top right corner.
    Image 1

  3. Click on the SampleAssignmentSimple.pde file
    Image 2

  4. Click and drag to select the code on lines 1 through 21. Then press Ctr + c to copy the code.
    Image 3

  5. Open Processing. On the school computers you can find it in C:Program Files | Processing-2.2.1
    Image 4

  6. Choose Edit | Paste to paste the code into Processing
    Image 5

  7. To run the program in Processing, press the play button

  8. To put a modified program back on to GitHub Choose Edit | Select All and then Edit | Copy to copy the code. On the GitHub website, choose the .pde file and click the pencil to edit. Paste your code into GitHub
    Image 6

  9. To save your changes, scroll down and click on Commit Changes
    Image 7

  10. Now, click on index.html and then click on the pencil. Change the Title, Header and Footer of your webpage. Scroll down and click on "Commit Changes"
    Image 8

  11. To enable a web page for your program, click on Settings. Scroll down to the area marked GitHub Pages, and choose Master branch. Click save and you should see a message with the URL of your webpage
    Image 9

  12. Submit the URL of your finished assignment to the dropbox in school loop