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Help! My program runs in Processing but not on GitHub

Some common problems that could cause your program not to work on the web are:

  • Naming a variable with the same name as a function
  • Naming two variables with the same name
  • Naming a function or a variable with a name that is already used in Processing
  • Using CHORD or PIE modes with arc()
  • Using circle(), square(),clear(), delay() or other functions that aren't implemented in processing.js
  • Using an image as an argument in background()
  • Leaving the debugging tools System.out.println() or System.out.print() in your finished program
  • Using decimals for x and y coordinates
  • Integer division
  • Extra semi-colons
  • The name of the .pde file doesn't match the name in the canvas id tag in index.html
  • If you are using multiple .pde files you will need to list them in index.html using a canvas tag like <canvas id="AsteroidsGame" data-processing-sources="Asteroid.pde AsteroidsGame.pde Floater.pde Spaceship.pde Stars.pde"> </canvas>

To display our AP Java programs on the web, we're using processing.js. Not all Processing functions are compatible with processing.js. You can check this list to see if you are using a function that isn't supported.

Looking for error messages can also provide clues to the problem. You can find the error messages for your webpage by opening the web console or javascript console in your browser. To open the console in Chrome, press the F12 key. To open the console in Firefox, use Ctrl + Shift + J.


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