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How to make the background of an image transparent is a free website that will remove a background. Alternatively, use can use the free program Gimp (described below).

How to make the background of an image transparent using GIMP

  • Start the Gimp program by clicking on the Start menu and choosing Start | All Programs | GIMP | GIMP2
  • Select your image with File | Open
  • Choose Layer | Transparency | Add Alpha Channel Image 1
  • Select the Select by Color Tool in the Toolbox Image 2
  • Click on a region that you want to be transparent, and press Delete. You should see a checkerboard pattern marking the transparent region. Repeat this process for all regions that you want to be transparent.
    Image 3
  • Choose File | Save As and add .png to the end of the file name and save the file
  • Now you can add the picture to processing with *Sketch | Add File... *

Thanks to David and Kevin for their help!


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