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Ajax Push Engine : Lightweight HTTP Streaming server. Fully written in C language, it provides best performances, making it the faster Comet server to date. APE now support server-side javascript modules through spidermonkey
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APE Server

APE is a full-featured OpenSource solution designed for Ajax Push. It includes a comet server and a Javascript Framework. APE allows to implement any kind of real-time data streaming to a web browser, without having to install anything on the client-side.


To run APE Server you will need any one of the following supported Operating Systems:

  • Linux (with a kernel 2.6.16+)
  • MacOS X 10.3 computer
  • Windows computer with a virtual machine running Linux.
  • FreeBSD

Downloading APE

The latest source code can be downloaded from the APE GitHub Repository. The Javascript Client Framework can be found here:

Installing APE

Go in the source directory and run


This script will build APE and all its modules. You can now go to Configure APE.


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