APE Server Core

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The Ape server could be described as:

  • a small, fast, nonblocking webserver that only can output json content.
  • a chat engine that does not understand the common chat protocols.
  • a daemon which can be loaded with many plugins, but the only plugin available is a script interpreter.
  • a socket server or socket client, or both which would make it a proxy, but without any knowledge
  • a eventloop that only emits defined events, based on other fixed events
  • a message queue, that does not do any queueing at all. These descriptions do not make a good sales pitch for manangers. In fact, all these descriptions are too negative. However, if you are a little bit technical you can understand and appreciate the raw power that it beholds.

Backbone features

In it's core there is the:

  • Socket Api
    • Client side
    • Server side
  • Chat engine
    • providing pipes
    • providing users
    • providing channels
  • Web Server
    • HTTP Requests API
    • specialised in a certain JSON formatted input (CMD)and output (RAW)
  • Plugins
    • One plugin embeds mozilla spidermonkey and exposes javascript wrappers to all the essential API's and events.

So, make your statement?

Good news: you can achive almost anything that you could ask from a commet server Bad news: you have to implement it your self.

To get get a better understandig, of the posiblities, proceed to APE Protocol overview

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