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Now your brand new APE Server is perfectly working, you may need to deal with the front end ! But, how do I communicate with the APE Server, you may ask ?

That is where APE_JSF come in; It is a lightweight JavaScript Framework that enables you to deal with all the server actions, send data to it, and real-time display those data in your Rich Internet Application.

You do not need to care about the scary "XML HTTP Requests" and "How do I receive the data", the APE JSF handles everything! It's now time to write your first plugin, and build your own real time application !

The JSF Client is a small javascript script. It's aim is to load the Core and allow your javascript application to interact with Core.

The JSF, is composed of a Core and Plugins. The Core is based on Mootools, but however plugins can be written with the use of the framework of your choice ! (jQuery, Dojo...)

There are two javascript clients for APE JSF.

  • One especially for MooTools (to take advantage of MooTools class)
  • One for any other framework If you use mootools on your website, choose apeClientMoo, otherwise use apeClientJS

Read more about the JSF General overview for further details.

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