App wishlist

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This list will be hard to maintain, but feel free to add your feature requests together with an estimation about dificulty and urgency.

Easy to do - High priority

  • ...

Easy to do - "Moderate priority"

  • Improve logging; Especially when not in daemon mode

Easy to do - "Low priority"

  • ...

Moderate to do - "High priority"

  • Improve the handling of setProperty; This is only propagated to the client if the properties are set before the user joins a chennel. That sucks.

Moderate to do - "Moderate priority"

  • SMTP Module in spidermonkey plugin
  • NSCA Nagios notifications, Sending emails directly out of spidermonkey would be cool.

Moderate to do - "Low priority"

  • asynchronous dns in spidermonkey plugin; The dns part is allready in the c core, so a lot of work has been done

Difficult to do - "High priority"

  • Postgresql asynchronous database access; You cannot be serious if you do not want this!

Difficult to do - "Moderate priority"

  • ...

Diffcult to do - "Low priority"