Configuration aped

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This is pretty simple, open the file with your editor and make it suit your needs. Depending on your build, the debug and daemon option can give levels of verbosity. This is something that needs to be standardised. As a newbie you probably want daemon = no, in the bin folder with relative path throughout the config files.

The startup proces is rather simple:

  • you start aped eventually with --cfg FILENAME or it uses ape.conf from the current directory
  • aped starts and loads the configuration file
  • it looks in the configuration file for the parameter modules and modules_conf in the Config section
  • it loads the .so files in the path of the modules parameter then you'll see something like "[Module] [spidermonkey] Loading module : Javascript embedded (0.01) - Anthony Catel" when aped starts
  • in each .so file, it looks up what extra config file name is needed and opens this in modules_conf directory
  • in the case of the spidermonkey, that is javascript.conf, where a scripts_path parameter is found.
  • in that scripts_path it loads the main.ape.js file and you might have includes to include other js files as well

Now what?

You can proceed to the next step Configuration httpd