Debuggin of segfaultsin APE server

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If you experience any segfaults with APE Server, here is the way to report it to us and help us to fix the issue.

*First download the lastest version of APE from git *Edit the Makefile and replace -O2 with -g *Edit modules/Makefile and replace -O2 with -g *Run *Edit ape.conf and set daemon=no *Start a new TTY screen : screen -S ape *Run APE with gdb : gdb /usr/bin/aped --cfg <path to your conf file> *Type "handle SIGPIPE nostop" in gdb *Type "run" in gdb to launch APE *Hit ctrl+a then ctrl+d to detach the screen session *Wait for APE to crash. There might be some communication between the client and the server. It is very helpfull if this is reproducable *Type "screen -dr ape" to switch to the APE screen session *Type "bt" and send the output to the APE team on the groups or on the bugtracker