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What are the BUZZWORDS for this project?

Comet, push, clean code, OOP patterns and server-side JavaScript support.

Does APE use HTTP Streaming?

In the book Ajax Design Patterns Creating Web 2.0 Sites with Programming and Usability Patterns By Michael Mahemoff one pattern is HTTP Streaming (page114) is this the pattern APE uses?

Yes, APE supports several transport methods such as : Long Polling, XHR Streaming, JSONP and Server Sent Events.

What are the advantages to run APE server rather than using some kind of javascript-only solution?

Is this project new?

No, this project was first released to the public on January 2009 but we started to work on APE 4 years ago. The project was initially named ACE, you can find it on sourceforge : Ajax Chat Engine Check out the History of APE-Project for further info.

APE JS Server-Side provides a complete API for both server and client sockets. What does this mean?

You can write powerful applications such as:

  • IRC bots
  • HTTP querying
  • webhooks
  • writting your own APE protocol (by writing a socket server and handle events)

What does APE JSF do?

The APE JavaScript Framework receives information sent by the server, handles data, and send the users requests to the server.

Why should I use APE JSF instead of normal ajax?

Thanks to a powerful event system, the APE JavaScript Framework can intercept any interaction between the client and the server. Thus it is a really easy way to develop Rich Internet Applications with APE on the client side, thanks to a powerful core that handle the basics of the APE Protocol and Transport

Is APE JSF another layer with bloathing crap?

With a very small footprint (~5KB) (included mootools special build), the APE Framework loads really fast on your web browser, thus it's fully adapted for small rate connections as Edge or 3G. Regadless of the choice we've made, you can write your own plugins with your favorite Framework (JQuery, MooTools, dojo...).

Can I use any other javascript framework with APE (rather than mootools)?

Of course! We provide two small javascript to intercept core events :

  • One especialy built for mootools
  • Another one for all javascript frameworks

You can also use plain javascript if you prefer.

Go JSF General overview if you want to know more about how the [APE_JSF](Ape Javascript Framework) works.

What is the frequency (the number before the subdomain)?

See APE_JSF Frequency.

How can I help the project?

You can help in many ways. Get involved!