Get involved

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Whether you're an experienced developer or an end-user just getting started with APE, there are many ways for you to participate in the APE community. Whatever you do, take a few minutes to discuss APE with other users and become an active member of the APE community.



  • Help produce official documentation
  • Fix English mistakes on the wiki and in the sourcecodes
  • Share the solution to a problem; or check, proof, and test other documents for accuracy.


  • Share your technical know-how with other users by:


  • Package APE for various Linux distributions.
  • Port APE to windows
  • Share your ideas and wishes (Feature whishlist)
  • Solve small things (Simple tasks for developers)
  • Write more example modules as tutorials (App wishlist)
  • Work with the APE team toward the next release
  • Write more APE modules and sharing them with the community.
  • Write cool applications for APE.
  • Share new and improve demos for the official APE Website


And more...

  • Support the project by donating
  • Send a virtual postcard from your country to let us know what part of the world you are getting involved with APE from. The APE team will be very happy to receive it ;-)
  • Share your experience with APE on your blog.
  • Simply spread the word of how APE is great
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