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APE Server is designed to use plugins. These plugins connect to several definded evens (user joins, user leaves, channel create, channel delete etc.) You are free to write your own plugin, You can do that in C (allthough it is not that well documented, or write a wrapper for your favourite scripting language (python, php, perl, )

You can use your own preferred development tools, but being familiar with vim, emacs or [eclipse] can boost your productivity.

Starting at APE 1.0 a Javascript binding is offered through Mozilla's SpiderMonkey. That is the same engine that powers the Firefox browser, is one of the fastest and most reliable JS engines available. To the developer, this is a significant change. You no longer have to know how to write C in order to create highly scalable and functional APE-powered applications.The spidermonkey plugin is very convienient and it is framework-agnostic in nature and fully configurable through scripts/*.ape.j, and config files. APE ships with the MooTools framework to ease the development and deployment of modules.

JS plugins