Simple tasks for developers

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The tasks here are grouped more or less to difficulty. This list is non-exaustive.

If this is not enough, take then a look at the bugtracker, [App wishlist] and the [Feature whishlist].

#Easy tasks

##Update dependencies to the latest version MyAsc has undergone several versioning steps since it entry in the APE server environment. Mootools is now around 1.4.5 udns is also more mature now

##Correct Typos In source code, comments, makefiles, etc.

##Login / Authentication framework That would certainly kickstart a whole generation of fresh enthousiastic developers.

#Moderate tasks

##dns resolving The ape core uses an external dependency to resolve dns names asynchronously. Unfortunatly this is not yet available in the spidermonkey plugin.

##Improve directory layout On the bugtracker, someone mentioned an improvement. The [] has a very structured layout as well.

#Complex tasks

##Add a ... feature to the spidermonkey plugin. *SMTP email routine *nsca module for Nagios *PostgreSql database connection *Improve the mongo database connection []

##Work on version 2 Take a look at the current state: []

##Merge cool features from others of github Browse the logs, and see what you can distill

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